Bit Hotel: How to Play & Earn In the Hotel Metaverse

The Bit Hotel Metaverse Virtual World Guide
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Check-in at the social-first play-to-earn NFT gaming metaverse Bit Hotel

Buckle up as we delve into the realm of Bit Hotel, a metaverse virtual world that promises a unique experience with the potential for both fun and profit. Learn what you need to get started, thrive, and make your mark in this pixelated paradise. From gameplay to team details, tokens to roadmaps, we’ve got it all covered for you. Let’s get to it.


What is Bit Hotel?

Welcome to Bit Hotel, an innovative social-first NFT gaming metaverse built on the BNB Chain and Moonbeam. Since launching its Beta in 2022 and going mobile in 2023, Bit Hotel has offered its users an exciting blend of social gaming, collecting and trading NFTs, and even opening shops within the game.

Here, players can interact with friends, partake in competitive mini-games, and collect game items – including rooms, characters, furniture, and other artifacts with varying rarities and unique perks.

Businesses and players alike can set up shop within this engaging pixel-art world, contributing to a vibrant and interactive economy. The game’s native token, BTH, further powers this economy, enabling transactions, rewards, and entry to token-based mini-games.

Whether you’re socializing in your personalized room, navigating your way to the top of the global leaderboard, or simply exploring the world of Bit Hotel, every experience in this digital hotel is designed to be fun, rewarding, and above all, uniquely yours.

Getting started playing Bit Hotel

Ready to check into Bit Hotel? The social-first gaming metaverse is currently in Beta but already playable across multiple platforms including web browsers and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Even though Bit Hotel is free to play, it is advisable to have some BNB and BTH tokens to enhance your gameplay and invest in the game’s economy.

Here’s a quick guide to getting started:

  1. Sign In: Connect your wallet, create your account, and sign in to Bit Hotel. You’ll spawn in the hotel lobby, the social heart of Bit Hotel.
  2. Explore the Lobby: Get to know the environment, interact with other players, and familiarize yourself with the game mechanics.
  3. Access the Elevator: Navigate your character to the elevator and press the button to explore other rooms.
  4. Visit Rooms: From the room overview menu, you can visit your own rooms or discover rooms owned by other players and ongoing events.
  5. Check out the Task Board: Look out for daily challenges to complete, contributing to your progress in the game.
  6. Decorate Your Room: Purchase cosmetic upgrades to personalize your space.
  7. Participate in Mini-Games: Enter the Bit Hotel mini-game for a chance to earn BTH tokens and tickets, and potentially win valuable items.
  8. Climb the Leaderboard: As you gain more experience and rewards, watch as your position on the global leaderboard rises. Every game you play contributes to your overall ranking!

Remember, the beauty of Bit Hotel lies in its blend of socialization, competition, and customization. 

Bit Hotel NFTs

Collectibles are in the center of the Bit Hotel metaverse. These NFTs can be purchased directly in the game’s marketplace, or through secondary NFT marketplaces built on the BNB chain.

Bit Hotel NFT Marketplace
Bit Hotel NFT Marketplace

So let’s pull back the curtain and explore the hotel.


In Bit Hotel, your room is your personal hub in the metaverse, serving as a social space and an asset. As an NFT room holder, you own a piece of Bit Hotel, turning your room into a versatile platform for NFT galleries, auctions, gaming tournaments, and more. With over 13 room designs, from studios to penthouses, there’s a space for every guest’s taste and budget.

Bit Hotel Room NFT
Guests can buy their Room NFTs to play and earn better rewards

Rooms in Bit Hotel are diverse, varying in design, rarity, size, and guest capacity. You can personalize your room’s aesthetics, with the design flexibility to switch out floors, walls, and furniture. Room rarity influences earnings from mini-games, rent rates, governance voting power, and access to Bit Hotel Launchpad allocations.

Size and guest capacity determine the room’s functionality and scope for social activities. Whether it’s a Starter Room, a Comfortable Studio, or a Penthouse Suite, there’s a room for every lifestyle in Bit Hotel.


In Bit Hotel, Characters, or Hotel Guests, are unique NFTs that serve as both your in-game identity and a tool to differentiate yourself from others. They enhance the social cooperative gameplay and also provide benefits such as a ‘Play to Earn’ multiplier, which boosts the in-game tokens earned through mini-games, and access to exclusive in-game events and modes, augmenting your gameplay experience and earning potential.

These NFTs come in six rarity tiers, each offering different perks and quantity availability, with higher rarities attracting competitive players due to better in-game rewards and status. While these NFTs do not provide a direct progression advantage, they do reward more committed players with additional benefits like free mints and token airdrops. Over time, the value of these character NFTs and store items dynamically adjust based on player valuations and secondary market prices, creating a balanced and interactive gaming experience.


In Bit Hotel, owning a room also involves collecting and designing with Furniture NFTs, thereby creating an engaging environment for events, meet-ups, galleries, tournaments, and more. Furniture pieces vary in rarity, size, and utility, as well as in their acquisition methods, ensuring a dynamic marketplace where the community and favorite pieces set floor prices may change over time. These Furniture NFTs not only allow you to customize your space but also add an additional layer of excitement and value to the game.

BTH & Tickets: The Bit Hotel tokens

Bit Hotel employs a dual-token model, with Bit Hotel Token (BTH) as the primary currency. Launched in 2022 as a BEP-20 token, BTH has a multitude of uses within the Bit Hotel Ecosystem. It can be used to purchase native in-game items, trade NFTs on the Bit Hotel NFT marketplace, stake for earning more BTH, participate in tournaments, mini-games, and Bit Hotel Governance proposals. BTH can be acquired by opening a wallet, purchasing gas tokens (BNB), and then buying BTH itself. With staking capabilities amplified by owning a Room NFT, it can be traded on various decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Staking BTH tokens Bit Hotel
You can stake your BTH tokens for rewards

The other token in the game’s dual-token model is Bit Hotel Tickets. They function as synthetic reward tokens and can be used to purchase native NFT assets on the primary market. These tickets are rewards for winning mini-games, leaderboard achievements, completing daily tasks, and can be traded player-to-player. Bit Hotel Tickets have an inflationary supply, which adjusts as more players join the Bit Hotel ecosystem, but their usage in the Shop is intelligently capped to ensure the rarity of in-game items and economic values. Furthermore, upcoming utilities include ticket staking models connected to the Bit Hotel Launchpad tiers, thereby adding more utility and stimulating the reduction of the circulating supply.

How to play and earn with Bit Hotel

Bit Hotel offers an engaging play-to-earn experience through various activities in its dynamic metaverse, such as:

  • Participating in mini-games like the CryptoBomber
  • Climbing the leaderboard for additional rewards
  • Staking BTH tokens for further earnings
  • Selling or renting out owned rooms to other players
  • Establishing businesses within the Bit Hotel metaverse
  • Selling BTH tokens on various exchanges

Make sure to follow the project on social media and Discord to stay on top of opportunities to play and earn.

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We’ll keep an eye on Bit Hotel’s progress as it aims to captivate blockchain gamers and adapt to the rapidly expanding industry.

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