Rare CryptoPunks Collectible Sold for $1,72 Million

punk 3011

CryptoPunks Trading Volume Doubled in Past 24 Hours

A rare CryptoPunks collectible sold for more than $1,72 million or 667 ETH. This particular punk is considered valuable because it’s one of the 11 punks with 6 attributes. 

Punk 3011 now has a market value of $1,72 million, making it the fifth largest CryptoPunks sale in history. At the same time the hype surrounding CryptoPunks continues. The project has generated more than $271 million in total trading value, and the top 25 sales all took place in 2021. 

The owner of punk 3011 is an avid CryptoPunks collector, and their CryptoPunks collection has an estimated value of $5,26 million. At the same time the seller still holds 7 other CryptoPunks, including one with an estimated value of close to $1 million.

CryptoPunks hype increasing

In December the floor price for CryptoPunks was a little over $1,400. Nowadays the cheapest punk will cost you more than 1 BTC, or $55,000. It doesn’t look like the CryptoPunks hype is dying down. Next month auction house Christie’s will put 9 punks under the hammer. 

Each of these punks come directly from Larva Labs, and have never been sold before. They all have a mint number below 1,000. Among these nine punks is one alien punk. Two other alien punks sold for $7,5 million each earlier this year.

CryptoPunks collectors to follow

The DappRadar portfolio tracker is a powerful way to showcase your own NFT collection to your friends. Take a look and share the link with friends and family. At the same time the portfolio manager allows you to take a look in other people’s wallets and follow them. Here are three wallets worth following:

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