BGA Report: Asset Ownership Is Most Important in Blockchain Gaming

Report: Asset Ownership Is Most Important in Blockchain Gaming
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The Blockchain Game Alliance examines what the rising tech brings to gaming

In a recently published yearly member survey report, the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) sheds light on the most important benefits users find in the combination of gaming and blockchain-based platforms. According to the survey results, asset ownership for players is the most sought-after benefit. About 86% of respondents selected it during the survey. 

Following closely behind with 74% and 71% of respondents pointing out are the new revenue models and player reward models that blockchain games bring to the table. In fourth place, with 56% of all votes, BGA members state that decentralized project ownership is what brings out the most benefits to games on the blockchain. 

Earning opportunities and ownership, both in terms of assets and in terms of governance stand out as the leading benefits. However, other important points came to light in the survey as well. For example, about 50% of all respondents put an emphasis on the enhanced creativity and gameplay opportunities blockchain tech brings to the industry. 

Still asset ownership takes an unprecedented lead, and this shouldn’t be all too surprising. After all, blockchain technology introduces a revolutionary concept that was not part of the gaming industry until very recently. For the first time now, players have the opportunity to own, trade, and collect in-game assets, backed by the security of an immutable ledger storing all transactions. 

More on the BGA Yearly Survey

With members across 56 countries, the BGA survey offers a high-level overview of attitudes in the gaming industry. This survey also offers a glimpse into the mind of the creatives that are currently shaping the blockchain gaming revolution. 

According to the survey, the reach of blockchain gaming is spreading across the globe, with the US leading the charge. Importantly, Asia is becoming the second-largest region in terms of blockchain adoption in the gaming space. The BGA reports that the gaming industry is diversifying. However, one of the major takeaways is that there is still a lot of space to grow. With only about 20% of respondents identifying as female, the industry has a lot of potential for further diversification. 

DappRadar is excited to be part of this exciting time in the blockchain gaming industry. If you want to learn more about the space, you can check out the full BGA Member Survey Report here. Additionally, you can browse around DappRadar’s Reports and Ranking pages for even more data. Don’t forget to check out DappRadar PRO, giving you access to the most up-to-date blockchain gaming analytics tools and data. 

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