Best Spooky Games & NFTs on WAX to Spice up Your Halloween

Ultra Rare, Dark Country, and HackersWorld want users to have a fun-filled Halloween.

The WAX blockchain is never short of fun-to-play dapps. With Halloween in the air, games and NFTs on WAX that add to the spooky scene for players have been climbing in popularity for the past 30 days.


Halloween is here! Want to spice up the holiday spirit with something spooky but not scary? You have come to the right place! We’ve put together spooktacular games and NFT collections on WAX that will keep you entertained and give the sweet treats of play-to-earn.

Known as “The King of NFTs”, WAX is a purpose-built blockchain empowering the most vibrant crypto sectors, such as NFTs, games, and virtual worlds. The native token of the network is also coined as WAX, serving purposes including staking, rewards, voting, and transaction settlement.

If you want to understand this blockchain further, the DappRadar Ultimate Guide below can be helpful.

Now, let’s get to the point and find the Halloween treats that best fit your appetite.

Ultra Rare‘s Horror collection is for horror lovers

Ultra Rare is an innovative NFT platform targeting horror comic enthusiasts. It aims to leverage WAX’s robust network and minting systems to level up users’ collecting and comic viewing experience.

Over a year ago, the platform released its first collection, The Horrors, on WAX. The collection is a set of cards featuring a dark, bold, violent art style and adult themes. But, more than that, behind this series of highly collectible cards is a well-written story inspired by horrifying monsters, from literature to movies to folklore worldwide.

This series was so popular with the WAX community that it sold out in 2 hours when it went on sale. As Halloween approaches, the series is back with a new buzz.

Experience the gothic atmosphere in the Dark Country

Dark Country is an American Gothic Trading Card Game set in a somber Wild West backdrop with rangers, cowboys, haunted Indians, zombies, ghosts, and demons.

Inspired by classic TCGs like Magic: the Gathering and HearthStone,  Dark Country perfectly inherits the core features of this genre while enhancing the gameplay with a player-driven economy. 

The card game has developed various game modes, including Tournaments, PVP, and PVE battles. In each game mode, players can collect their deck of heroes, creatures, spells, and skills. In addition, dark Country allows players to completely own all of their cards utilizing the technology of NFT. 

What’s more terrifying than hackers in the crypto world?

HackersWorld is a game that has recently gained much popularity on the WAX blockchain. It mimics the activities of a hacker and allows players to experience the thrill of being a cyber attacker. 

Players must conquer their opponents by cracking into their virtual computers and turning them into a slave. Or, hackers must infect others’ computers and make them do the attacker’s command. 

wax halloween games hackersworld

The game features one token (Bucks) and five types of NFTs:

  •  Password cracker is used to break into other players’ and NPCs’ computers.
  •  Firewall serves to defend against other players’ password crackers.
  •  Spamvirus is used to infect players’ and NPCs’ computers to collect Bucks.
  •  Antivirus is the tool players use to clear viruses.
  •  Access Granted Pass can help players gain in-game bonuses and whitelist opportunities to Drops.

Nothing says Halloween like Blockchain Brawlers 

That’s right. The number one fighting game in Web3 is spicing up the holiday fun with its seasonal event. A free PvP tournament will begin on Sunday morning at 10 am PST.

All participants will receive a commemorative card to use during the game to mark the occasion. And it gets even better! The top three winners will receive some spooky, customized content with their names and ranking on it. 

Don’t forget Halloween is also a party for the dead. Your unusable swagged-out Brawlers can be helpful again. You can bring them into the square to wreak havoc from beyond the grave. Any Series 1 Blockchain Brawler swagged with a “Living Dead” swag kit can bring this rig into the ring, swinging cross of death and all. 

To sign up for the free event, click here and “Register”.  

wax halloween games blockchain brawlers

In the past month, many new ideas have sprung up in the WAX gaming ecosystem. But, undoubtedly, WAX’s place in the gaming and NFT space is unshakable. For an in-depth look at how WAX is reinventing how users interact with Web3 games, read DappRadar’s Ultimate WAX Guide.

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