Best Play-to-Earn Games for September 2021

play-to-earn games september

Which are the hot games that we can look forward to for the remainder of the month

Play-to-earn games have found a wider audience, and this September we’re seeing lots of interesting developments. Full-fledged MMORPGs are currently in development, GameFi finds traction on primarily Binance Smart Chain, while several products steal the spotlight on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at the games to keep your eyes on this month. 

First and foremost, a little disclaimer. Because a play-to-earn game is not always a yield farm. Sure, GameFi can really be a gamified version of DeFi, but a play-to-earn game should first and foremost provide a level of ‘game’, a structured form of play driven by entertainment and fun. After that, the earning mechanics are a layer on top. Now, the play-to-earn industry is still in its infancy, but higher-quality gaming products will launch in the months and years to come. DappRadar will be there to guide you. 

We’ve selected five play-to-earn games for this September list. Each of them is listed for a different reason. However, all of them have their own tokens, a vivid economy, and offer users the opportunity to participate in their economy. 

Overlord.World (OVL)

Gamers can currently play the new mobile action RPG for smartphones through a download. Overlord.World offers play-to-earn mechanics and in-game rewards on Binance Smart Chain, while its action gameplay sets it apart from other games. Players can use the earned NFTs and tokens to acquire better or improve existing items. 

Nine Chronicles (NCG)

This month Nine Chronicles bridged their economy to the Ethereum blockchain, allowing gamers to move in-game currency out of the game. In this idle role-playing game gamers can earn Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG), which they use for upgrades to improve their hero. Through the bridge, earnings can be moved to Ethereum and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

Illuvium (ILV)

Development on Illuvium is far from done, and the game will probably not see a working version before the end of the year. However, it’s an interesting project to keep your eyes on. Because it combines elements of monster catching with triple-A quality graphics. The native ILV token is already on the market, and gamers can already trade promotional NFTs.

Hash Rush (RUSH)

On September 22nd the strategy game Hash Rush will launch its latest testing phase. It will be the first time the game will use blockchain elements. However, for now, Hash Rush will run on a test version of the Vorto Network, a NEAR Protocol-powered sidechain solution. Ultimately Hash Rush will allow users to earn NFTs and tokens through gameplay. In turn they can spend these tokens on in-game assets. The RUSH token is already available on the market.

The Sandbox (SAND)

The virtual world of The Sandbox should be the most familiar name in this list. This September they have done a land sale every single week, partnering with The Walking Dead and the Korean animation series Pororo. Before the end of the year, The Sandbox will launch the alpha version of its virtual world, paving the way for a play-to-earn future.

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