Best NFT & Play-to-Earn Games for 2022 – from Q to Z

From The Sandbox to WorldWideWebb3, the third and final part of the 50 most anticipated NFT and play-to-earn games of 2022

What are the 50 most anticipated NFT and play-to-earn games for 2022? In the past years we’ve seen many announcements and investments, and it’s in the line of expectations that 2022 will bring the first fruits of all that hard work. On this page we look at games, ranging from The Sandbox to WorldWideWebb3. 

For this list we look at projects that have set, or are expected to set, high standards for their gameplay. A good play-to-earn game should be fun to play, aside from its potential financial benefits. These are the 50 most anticipated NFT and play-to-earn games for 2022 you need to keep your eyes on, ranging from Q to Z.

50 games 2022 - AF

Thanks to the hype surrounding the metaverse, The Sandbox had a stellar ending of 2021. However, in 2022 things will become even bigger. A second alpha play test will happen early in the year, but more important is the actual open beta launch of the game. The Sandbox will embrace the play-to-earn economy, creators can monetize their assets, and game designers can jump in. There are enough reasons to be excited about The Sandbox. – Dapp page

After two years of testing, Skyweaver will become widely playable in 2022. The trading card game combines exciting competitive card play with play-to-earn mechanics. Skyweaver will be distributed as a free-to-play game, giving anybody a chance to participate in the game’s economy. Play, build card decks, climb the ranks, all on the Polygon blockchain – Official website

Don’t consider SolChicks an odd duckling, because this gaming universe will offer all kinds of opportunities for SolChicks NFT holders. On January 11th there will be another NFT sale on BSC. Once gameplay goes live, there will be PVP team battles and PVE raids, while players can earn CHICKS tokens based on their performance. Other game resources can be traded on the open marketplace. – Official website

2022 games space misfits

The Enjin ecosystem hosts one of the most vivid and action-packed space games on the market, Space Misfits. Players buy spaceship NFTs, and explore the galaxy for scarce resources. These resources can then be used to build a fleet, and acquire a fortune. Space Misfits offers both PVE and PVP elements. – Official website

Gala Games welcomes Spider Tanks, the first esports oriented play-to-earn game on the market. Two teams of 3 battle in the arena across a variety of maps and game modes. Each tank comes with a certain play style, and it’s up to team-based gameplay to utilize their powers as best as possible. Spider Tanks is free to play, but also incorporates a variety of play-to-earn mechanics, centering around skill-based competition, resource collection, and a player-driven upgrade cycle. – Official website

With the launch of the SPS token in the summer of 2021, Splinterlands became one of the most active dapps in the wider ecosystem. For 2022 we expect a lot more exciting developments as the SPS airdrop will end, and the team will launch at least an early version of land gameplay. We expect this to add a whole new dimension to the Splinterlands economy. – Dapp page

When it comes to gameplay, we have no idea what Star Atlas will become. An open-world space game full of adventure and conflict, where politics, trade and war all come together. Star Atlas is one of the most high-profile projects in the Solana blockchain ecosystem, and the team’s eye for details shines through even in the early NFT sales that took place in 2021. We have high expectations about Star Atlas for 2022. – Dapp page

For a couple of years Taurion has been in development by Xaya and Autonomous Worlds. This real-time strategy game takes place on the blockchain. Every move, every trade, every action, all stored on the Xaya blockchain. Taurion is a bit like the Dune of blockchain strategy games. Resources are limited, there’s a lot of sand, and politics is just as dangerous as warfare itself. – Official website

In collaboration with AMC’s The Walking Dead, Ember Entertainment and Gala Games are working on The Walking Dead Empires. This survival MMORPG features locations and characters from the television series, and puts players in the shoes of a survivor. Scavenge supplies, build a home, defend it against the horde and enemies alike. Team up, compete, battles, and always consider that the living might be more dangerous than the dead. – Official website

One of the hottest mobile MOBA games of the moment is Thetan Arena. NFT heroes, free-to-play mechanics, and the ability to play and earn, make sure that Thetan Arena is one of the most complete packages on the market. In 2022 we expect a guild system, a battle royale mode, pets, staking, guild quests, guild wars, tournaments, streaming and so on. Eventually this should lead to a world championship esports event.  – Dapp page

Funded by the sale of the NFTrees collection, Treeverse is an upcoming fantasy MMO that taps into classic gaming and MMO experiences. Players can own houses in this gaming world, where they can showcase their NFT collection or organize social gatherings. Treeverse is a crypto native game production, and one of which we expect a lot in the coming year. – Dapp page

Untamed Isles Monster hunting and taming, turn-based MMORPG. The entire world is open for you to explore. Focusing on social engagement, the game also allows players to practice PVP, trade, breed monsters, clear dungeons and play through the story of Untamed Isles together. All game items can be traded in-game, but players can also tokenize their items and sell them on a public NFT marketplace.  – Official website

Voxie Tactics is a tactical turn-based role playing game that uses the Voxies NFT collection as its game characters. These NFT heroes come with extra perks compared to the regular game heroes that everybody gets to play with. Voxie Tactics offers a PVE campaign, but also PVP battles for the competitive minded gamers out there. Through gameplay players can earn VOXEL tokens – Dapp page

VoxWorld will become a social environment filled with play-to-earn opportunities. Players can only go in this world when they hold a Vox NFT. In VoxWorld, which is being designed together with The Sims creator Will Wright, players can earn VoxCoin. – Official website

World Eternal Online is a PC and mobile MMORPG where every players participates in a crafting economy. Exploring dungeons, battling monsters, and finding treasures is all part of this game. Gathered resources can then be used by a smith or alchemist, players can become a landlord in a prosperous city, or run a farm to breed and sell pets.  – Official website

Ultimately World of Sipheria will become a full-fledged MMO, but the team at Sipher will start with making a squad-based top down shooter. Players need to work together in teams of three to survive a dungeon filled with enemies. Player characters will have different classes and skills that influence gameplay. They can collect resources and level up their characters and weapons. – Official website

WorldWideWebb3 is a browser-based cyberpunk virtual world filled with community-driven missions and activities. In this world players own apartments and penthouses, while the game world offers mini-games, quests and live events. WorldWideWebb3 is currently under heavy development, and you can be sure that 2022 will be big for these guys. – Dapp page

50 games 2022 - AF

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