Berserk Doubles User Base in a Week

Berserk Doubles User Base in a Week

The NFT card collectible game saw a 122% spike in unique active wallets

Berserk: Vulcanites Unleashed, the top gaming dapp on Vulcan Forged, has seen a 122% increase in unique active wallets in a week. The doubling of the Berserk user base also boosted the number of transactions by 96%. 

Following the bump in activity for the game, the Vulcan Forged native NFT marketplace, Vulcan Market, saw a 77% increase in volume. One of the main reasons behind that is that Berserk players can purchase character NFT cards on Vulcan Market. 

What is Berserk?

Berserk is a play-to-earn card collectible game part of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. As this is a classic card strategy game, players can build decks and battle against other players in the arena. 

As part of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, Berserk benefits from the integration of the native PYR token. Players can improve their decks by purchasing NFT cards on Vulcan Market. In addition, according to the official whitepaper for the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, PYR will serve as a reward token in the future. Players will earn PYR tokens for every victory in Berserk duels and arena battles. 

Playing Berserk requires a lot of strategic and logical thinking, as each card has different abilities. Of course, the better your deck is, the higher your chances of winning are. Considering this, it is not surprising that Vulcan Market is also experiencing boosts in volume and activity with the rising interest in the game. 

The marketplace allows users to browse through the available NFT cards, and participate in auctions. In order to do that, however, users need to have PYR tokens in their wallets. What’s great about the PYR native token is that it is Polygon-based, which means it can be stored in you can transact with it with minimal gas fees. 

If you’re curious to start playing Berserk and want to advance the rankings fast, check out Vulcan Market. To give you a headstart, you can easily get PYR through the DappRadar Token Swap service. Simply connect your wallet, and swap between MATIC and PYR in no time. 

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