Axie Origin Alpha Expected Towards the End of March

Axie Origin Alpha Expected Towards the End of March

Sky Mavis releases important announcements regarding Land functionalities

Sky Mavis expects to launch an alpha version of Axie Origin, the much-awaited revamp of the play-to-earn wonder Axie Infinity, towards the end of March. In the latest developer update, Sky Mavis announced that the team is working hard on moving towards a 3D environment for the game, which has delayed the release to the end of next month. 

The Origin Battle mode will bring tons of new functionalities to the game, as well as a complete redesign of the battle arena. The move from 2D to 3D graphics has been one of the most requested features by the Axie community. However, reworking the whole game to house the 3D elements is a hefty task. Consequently, there is not a specific date for the release yet. However, it is expected by the end of March. 

The new developer update also sheds light on a specific functionality anticipated with the release of Axie Origin. With Battles V3, players will get a chance to start playing with a free team of three Axies. This is an important update compared to the current model that requires users to buy or borrow NFTs.

The names of the three Axies have now been revealed, Olek, Buba, and Puffy. While details about their powers and abilities have not been released yet, this new mechanic will open up the world of Axie Infinity to an even bigger audience. 

Land functionalities coming alongside Axie Origin

Axie Land NFTs have been around for a long time now, however, they have not yet been incorporated into the gameplay in any way. The upcoming Axie Origin release is the main hype-bringer for the community right now. Still, Sky Mavis is actively working on other aspects of the gaming experience, and land is one of them.

According to the latest announcement, developers are working on a town-building type of game. This new mode will allow land NFT owners to take advantage of their land, and create a customized space in the Axie Infinity ecosystem. 

Importantly, Sky Mavis will not launch any token or on-chain gameplay for the moment. However,  the plan is to introduce a new land-based token resource in the future. This will be an exciting addition to the already growing network of tokens Sky Mavis has built. 

With AXS, SLP, and RON, the game studio has introduced an all-around ecosystem for both gamers and DeFi enthusiasts. When land-based economics come into play, this ecosystem will become even more diversified. 

Axie Infinity is arguably the biggest play-to-earn platform, generating millions of dollars in NFT sales each week. Importantly, Sky Mavis continues working on bettering the game and introducing new modes and functionalities for its community. The upcoming Origin release and the prospect of land use cases have stirred excitement among Axie fans. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Axie Infinity ecosystem as the game grows and develops further. If you want to learn more about the game, and the ecosystem of DeFi solutions on the Ronin blockchain, check out the links below. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter, to learn the latest Axie Infinity news first. 

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