Axie Infinity Welcomes Members in New Builders Program

Axie Infinity Welcomes Members in New Builders Program

Sky Mavis introduces community contribution to the development of the game

Axie Infinity is launching the Builders Program, which will allow community members to contribute to the development side of the game ecosystem. Axie Infinity is arguably the biggest play-to-earn project out there, and the development team at Sky Mavis wants to involve the community even further. 

Importantly, Axie Infinity has already created one of the most tight-knit communities in the blockchain gaming space. However, with the Builders Program, Sky Mavis aims to motivate further involvement from community-based developer teams. 

The Builders Program will offer funding and access to the Sky Mavis team of experts, while the studio expects innovative products to come from their campaign. According to the official announcement, eligible teams will receive a minimum $5000 grant in AXS to go towards their project. The overall budget for the Builders Program is 5000 AXS, or about $400.000.

Importantly, the program focuses more on expanding the Axie Infinity ecosystem than building upon the original game itself. Sky Mavis wants to push the community to create additional games and tools using the Axie brand. Examples of such tools include Axie-themed mini-games like tower defense and chess, but also data tracking tools. These games will need to use either AXS or SLP, and in addition, they need to burn SLP or send AXS to the community treasury. 

Axie Infinity has now launched an exclusive Builders Program Discord channel where like-minded community members can team up. Of course, the program has a set of eligibility requirements and rules, which you can check out here

Axie Infinity also introduces Releasing feature

The newly launched Builders Program is an important step towards engaging the community and letting players experiment with their Axies. However, this is not the only announcement from Sky Mavis this week. The studio also announced the launch of a much anticipated in-game feature. 

Players now have the opportunity to release their Axies to live independently in Lunacia. On a technical level that means that gamers will destroy their own Axie creatures. In return, their Axies will send back exclusive gifts. For the moment, these gifts will come in the form of Lunar New Year exclusive Land items. These are cosmetic items that players will be able to show off on their Land. 

Importantly, aside from a guaranteed exclusive gift, releasing an Axie into the wild will also enter the owner’s wallet into a raffle. The raffle will bring additional gifts to 111 players, including 5 Axie Origin Coin (AOC) tokens, 10 Kitsune Mystic Land items, and 100 CoinGecko or Ganbaru CrypTon Epic Land items.

Axie Infinity has become the gold standard in terms of community-building in the play-to-earn sector. Importantly, Sky Mavis continues to push in this direction, releasing new events and functionalities like the Builders Program. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring Axie Infinity as the game conquers new heights in the play-to-earn space. To keep a close eye on this revolutionary project, check out the official Axie Infinity DappRadar page. Additionally, you can track NFT sales on the Axie marketplace, or monitor activity on the Ronin sidechain. Follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join our Discord community to learn the latest Axie news first. 

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