Axie Infinity Tops The Charts Thanks to RON

Axie Infinity Tops The Charts Thanks to RON

Top 10 Games of the Month – January 2022

Axie Infinity has once again proven that it is the king of the blockchain gaming space. Thanks to several major announcements, including the launch of the native RON token, the game tops this month’s top 10 blockchain games list. 

Following closely behind, we have usual suspects like Alien Worlds and Splinterlands. Impressively, despite a significant dip in crypto valuations, virtual worlds like NFT Worlds, The Sandbox, and WorldWideWeb3 also made the cut. 

Blockchain games have been at the forefront of crypto activity in the past several months. With this article, DappRadar looks at the hottest gaming dapps. To compile this ranking, we’ve considered on-chain activity, NFT trading volumes, token valuations, and news and events surrounding each dapp.

Browse the complete list of the top 10 blockchain games of the week below. Click on the respective image to learn more about each platform. Alternatively, check out the handy video below, which summarizes the ranking for a quick view. 

Top 10 blockchain games in January 2022

Axie Infinity is the undeniable winner of January 2022. The game and the Ronin ecosystem went through several major upgrades. In terms of gameplay, Axie Infinity introduced an important burning mechanism allowing players to earn rewards for burning their Axies. When it comes to the Ronin network, it now officially has a native token. The RON token is now live, facilitating all transactions on Ronin, as well as the fees associated with them. This was a majorly anticipated event that brings additional earning opportunities for Axie fans and DeFi enthusiasts. 

Alien Worlds ranks second this month with steady performance across the board. The mining game attracted 1.23 million unique active wallets over the past thirty days. This makes Alien Worlds the most visited gaming dapp across all blockchains tracked on DappRadar in the past month. Additionally, the platform recorded over $1 million in NFT trading volume.

Thanks to its native token WRLD launch and a significant volume of NFT land sales, NFT Worlds ranks third in the top blockchain games list for January 2022. NFT Worlds is steadily building a strong community of gamers and virtual world enthusiasts. The platform already held several play-test events, which were a success. Considering the growing popularity of virtual world platforms like NFT Worlds, it is no surprise the project attracted over $9 million in NFT trading volume in the past thirty days. 

The Hive-based card trading game Splinterlands has been a constant presence in our weekly games rankings this month. The game’s extensive Chaos Legion campaign has pushed activity and NFT sales. As the Chaos Legion card sale draws to a close, Splinterlands enjoys one of its best months to date. With close to 600.000 unique active wallets recorded in January, this is one of the most popular blockchain games at the moment. 

WorldWideWeb3 is becoming one of the hottest places in the metaverse. The game recorded more than $23 million in NFT land sales this month. WWW3 has launched its largest quest to date, drawing in a huge audience. The quest gives players a chance to immerse themselves in the WorldWideWeb3 universe and possibly win rare NFTs if they complete it successfully. 

Farmers World is among the most played games on Wax. Importantly, it is also one of the most traded NFT collections across all chains. Farmers World recorded more than $41 million in NFT trading volume in the past thirty days. Aside from being a top-grosser in the NFT space, Farmers World also has a steady following and growing community. At the time of writing, the game’s official Twitter account has more than 110.000 followers, most of whom are possibly players as well. 

DeFi Kingdoms is Harmony’s wonder dapp, which went through a massive popularity boost towards the end of 2021. The platform’s native token JEWEL saw considerable spikes in valuation, attracting thousands of new players. Despite losing some of this hype, and the crashing prices of crypto tokens across the board, DeFi Kingdoms makes it in January’s top blockchain games list. What’s more, the platform launched an important Avalanche integration, boosting its audience even more. 

The Sandbox is probably the biggest virtual world at the moment. Aside from extensive land sales, generating more than $210 million in NFT trading volume, The Sandbox also managed to attract celebrities. Snoop Dog now has a whole mansion in the virtual world, while other celebs are betting heavily on SAND, the platform’s native token. Additionally, the platform held multiple events, airdrops, and community-focused activities, boosting its user numbers in the process. 

Aavegotchi enters this month’s top games ranking thanks to a huge wearable event and raffle held a couple of weeks ago. Aside from that event, Aavegotchi enjoys a solid and active community of gamers. Additionally, the game generated close to $15 million in NFT sales.

Last but not least, we have Upland in this month’s top blockchain games ranking. Thanks to several landmark sales, the virtual real estate game secured a spot on the list. The platform attracted more than 338.000 unique active wallets in the past thirty days, bringing the EOS blockchain to the spotlight in the gaming sector. 

Axie Infinity is off to a good start in January

Thanks to a couple of weeks filled with announcements and exciting developments, Axie Infinity has once again taken the top spot. Sky Mavis has managed to completely reshape the idea of play-to-earn by introducing a whole ecosystem of Ronin-based services. 

With the launch of Ronin’s native token RON, users now have access to play-to-earn with Axie and a full-fledged DeFi ecosystem with Katana DEX. Combined with the recent Builders Program and the burn mechanism introduced to the game, Axie has rightfully topped the January top blockchain games ranking. 

DappRadar will monitor the blockchain gaming space as new and exciting projects and developments pop up every day. If you want to learn more about blockchain gaming, check out the official DappRadar Games Rankings. Alternatively, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter or join our Discord community to find out the latest gaming news first.

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