Axie Infinity Sparks Debates with New SLP Rewards Requirements

Axie Infinity Sparks Debates with New SLP Rewards Requirements

Players with a rank under 800 won’t receive SLP

Axie Infinity, the Ronin-based play-to-earn hit, has introduced a streak of updates on Friday. Starting with AXS staking, the devs have now introduced changes to the in-game SLP rewards as well. Unfortunately, the community is not as happy with this latest update, as it was with the introduction of staking capabilities. 

In a Discord announcement released on October 15h, the Axie team explained that starting with the next update launching on the same day, players with a rank below 800 will not earn SLP tokens for adventures, arena battles, or daily quests. 

Following the announcement, a wave of discontent players turned to Twitter to voice their concerns with this update. One of the most common comments is that this update will effectively prevent low-level players from participating in the earning mechanics of the game. This is a serious blowback, considering the fact that Axie Infinity practically started out as an earning opportunity for disadvantaged players in Asia. 

One of the main concerns with this updated SLP rewards mechanism is that players with lower-level Axies, which were purchased at high floor prices, don’t stand a chance to earn enough to break even.

However, the discussion on Twitter also offered the opposite point of view. According to some, floor price Axies too have the potential to boost a player above the 800 level mark. To some, reaching a higher level requires skill only, and is not directly tied to expensive Axies. 

Why is SLP important in Axie Infinity?

While at first sight, it might look like AXS is the most important token in the Axie Infinity virtual world, Smooth Love Potion, or SLP is just as fundamental. SLP is what essentially facilitates the play-to-earn mechanics in the game. Completing adventure levels rewards players in SLP. Additionally, ranking up in the arena rewards players in SLP tokens. Completing daily missions can also earn you SLP tokens. 

In this sense, Smooth Love Potion is what players earn for being successful and winning battles. What’s even more important, SLP is required for breeding new Axies. Consequently, the SLP token is what moves the whole Axie Infinity economy. Players fight to earn SLP, then use their SLP to breed Axies and make stronger teams.

Player Sponsorships

Unfortunately, with the introduction of a level limit for SLP rewards, the game rapidly eliminates the main earning opportunity for lower-level players. Many players have difficulties starting out in Axie Infinity because of the relatively high prices for Axie NFTs. Keep in mind that a player needs a minimum of three Axies in their wallet to start playing. With a floor price of about $130, this takes the minimum investment to upwards of $350. 

Considering the starting investment, many players turn to so-called Axie Infinity scholarships. These scholarships or sponsorships allow them to rent out Axie characters from more prominent players and share their rewards with them. Unfortunately, sponsorship providers don’t always let the scholars chose what Axies they get. Consequently, the newly introduced limit on SLP rewards might have a negative effect on the whole scholarship program. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring Axie Infinity as the game pushes to hold its place as the biggest play-to-earn opportunity. While the most recent update might have been a bit questionable, Axie has put in a lot of effort to bring income opportunities to its players. To learn more about Axie Infinity, its tokens, and game mechanics, check out the additional reads below. 

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