Axie Infinity Marketplace Enables Botting: Are Gamers in Danger?

Axie Infinity Enables Botting- Are Gamers in Danger?

Automatic purchases and sales in the Axie Marketplace make grinding the game more effective. But does it benefit all players?

Axie Infinity announced this month that it now allows the use of bots in its marketplace. This common tactic in the blockchain gaming world, automating the buying and selling of Axies and land parcels, was something that the community had long asked for. But what about the sniping bots menace? Until next year, all bots are on the loose, and nothing protects unsuspecting players. What’s to take place in the Axie Marketplace?


  • You can use bots to automate buying and selling Axies and land NFTs, try builds, and rotate between them without doing it manually.
  • Until Q1 2023, sniping bots, “the worst bots” according to Axie Infinity, will be able to buy mispriced Axies listed on the marketplace, to the misfortune of the unwary.
  • DappRadar data shows that over the last 7 days, the floor price of Axie Infinity NFTs increased by 110.75%, while the number of traders decreased by 7.03%.

Botting in the Axie Marketplace

Axie Infinity players can now automate purchases, then play the game with their new Axies and sell them back afterward.

Before, there were limitations to how many accounts one could buy simultaneously, but now gamers get to improve their gameplay with the help of bots created by the community.

However, that’s not all that can be done with botting. There’s a danger lurking in the shadows of Lunacia… Sniping bots.

These bots automatically buy and sell NFTs from the marketplace, instantly purchasing items that users placed on the market at a low price by accident. These bots can now potentially take over the Axie NFT marketplace until next year.

Sniping cheap items and selling them for a profit has been part of commerce forever. Television shows like Storage Wars have made the topic quite popular, but we also see the same with digital items.

In video games with an internal marketplace, the same happens. This type of trading adds a sense of accomplishment and helps bring people into the game through story, drama, and profit. 

Whoever snipes faster can profit from it but at the expense of noobs or just the inattentive. In Web3 gaming, sniping sales on the marketplace gets a whole new dimension, as digital items have actual value.

Collectors use bots to purchase a cheap opportunity at any given moment, and this phenomenon is now coming to Axie Infinity. 

Are Axie players in danger

The Axie team further urges players to exercise caution in a thread on the official Axie Infinity account.

“Please be wary of using bots created by community members that require access to your private keys, as these can be used as a way to steal your funds.”

How does botting change the scene in Axie Infinity?

Buying low-value assets and selling them for higher prices creates, as confirmed by DappRadar data, an increase in volume and trading.

Over the past week, Axie Marketplace’s volume increased by 12.63%, and so did the number of transactions slightly by 1.51%.

While we could also see Axie NFTs’ floor price rise 110.75%, there was a 7.03% decrease in the number of traders.

Traditionally, this practice is part of game economies. World of Warcraft, for example, has auction sniping for a long time.

Axie’s decision to allow and potentially create a sustainable environment where players can use bots to make their experience efficient represents progress. These gaming principles are simply being applied to Web3 gaming.

Therefore, it’s a generally positive outcome for the game economy, but not without a cost some people eventually have to pay.

Follow the evolution of play-to-earn games

Axie Infinity is one of the main representatives of next-generation gaming. We will closely follow how the situation with bots in the marketplace develops and how the community deals with the news. Until then, Axie remains an industry colossus that can also influence other games to exploit bots.

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