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Getting AXP, leveling up, gather materials, to ultimately evolve body parts

After years of development Axie Infinity finally allows gamers to level up their Axie character NFTs and evolve them with new body parts. The famous Axies can now literally grow and evolve into becoming an even better and more powerful battle pet. 

The Axie Infinity ecosystem is filled with 11.9 million axies, and players could only get new axies by breeding them. However, this changed with the introduction of evolutions. Gamers can now level up their axies, and then evolve certain body parts. The result will be that axies can change their appearance, but also their powers.

Introducing dynamic NFTs

Unlike normal NFTs, dynamic NFTs can change over time based on external factors or internal logic. This means that the NFTs add a new layer of interactivity for players and collectors alike. 

Dynamic NFTs in Axie Infinity allow players to change the looks and usability of their axies. This also means that dynamic NFTs fit well into gamified products, while increasing engagement and personalization. So yes, these are a good match for Axie Infinity.

How to evolve axie body parts

Axie evolutions are now live within the Axie App. However, these evolutions don’t come cheap. Players will need to do some effort to obtain the right type of materials, some AXS tokens and of course an ascended axie. 

Let’s go through the process 

  1. Players will need to level up their axies, and every 10 levels they can evolve 1 body part. This means that when your axie hits level 30, you can evolve 3 body parts. You can level up by collecting AXP through various gameplay activities within the Axie Infinity ecosystem. 
  2. Once an Axie reaches level 10, you can evolve 1 body part. To evolve a normal body part, players need to provide 100 Memento and $2 worth of AXS. 
  3. Evolving a collectible body part will require 1 Radiant Spirit Shell on top. With each extra body part you want to evolve, the AXS fee increases.
  4. The evolution takes 4 days, but players can choose to pay 2x the amount of materials for instant evolutions.

How to earn AXP?

AXP, or Axie Points, are crucial for the evolution of axies. Players need to acquire AXP to level up their axies. You can earn AXP through the various games in the Axie ecosystem, and there’s a daily cap per axie in each of the games. 

For example, you can earn 4,500 AXP per axie in Axie Origins and in Axie Classic, but only 1,000 AXP per axie in Project T or Sky Smash. At the time of writing, players can earn a maximum amount of 12,800 AXP per axie per day by playing games.

How to earn AXP and Ascend - Axie Evolution

What is Memento and how to earn it? 

To evolve your axie, you will need Memento. Depending on the type of body part you want to evolve, you will need certain Mementos. So, to evolve your Beast parts you will need Beast Mementos, and for Plant parts you need Plant Mementos. 

You can get the required Mementos from Atia’s Flame. Players will need to bring an offering to Atia and burn materials to receive Mementos.

Atia's Blessing is where players can release their Axie NFTs in exchange for materials, or Mementos.

What type of offering? Well, you will need to sacrifice an Axie. This mechanic creates deflationary pressure on the total supply of axies. As demand for evolution body parts increases, more axies will be released through Atia’s Flame.

Evolving axie body parts costs money

To evolve an axie, players will need to provide materials and AXS tokens. To acquire the materials players will need to invest time. However, they will also need to make a financial commitment to the evolution. For each body part you want to upgrade, the AXS fee increases. The first body part costs $2, while the sixth one has a $27 fee paid in AXS. 

The costs of evolving Axie body parts. The USD values need to be paid in AXS.

Radiant Spirit Shells to evolve collectibles

Radiant Spirit Shells are game items needed to evolve body parts of collectibes axies, such as Mystic, Japanese, Xmas, Summer, Shiny and Agamogenesis axies. 

Players can acquire these Radiant Spirit Shells in three ways:

  1. Gamers will receive one every time they ‘ascend’ or ‘level up’ a Mystic axie
  2. They can also win Radiant Spirit Shells in the Garuda Shrine Shop
  3. And they can buy them from the Axie Marketplace (floor price: 0.144 ETH or $323)

Evolve your axie and win a Mystic axie

To celebrate the introduction of Axie part evolutions, the Axie team has introduced the Race to Evolution Challenge. The first 10,000 evolved axies will have a chance of winning Radiant Spirit Shells and Origin axies. In addition, the owner of the first axie to have all of its six body parts evolved will receive a Mystic axie. 

Closing words

DappRadar is a validator of the Ronin Network. We support Sky Mavis and the Axie ecosystem in their journey towards the mainstream adoption of Web3 gaming. We hope players will find joy in evolving their axies, and with Atia’s blessing we salute all axies that have been and will be released in favor of their evolving axie brothers and sisters. 

If you found this guide helpful, please consider delegating your RON to the DappRadar DAO validator. Stake your RON with us, get an APR on your staked assets, and support us in building the World’s Dapp Store. 

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