Axie Infinity Boasts 30% Increase in Active Wallets


Pet universe Axie Infinity getting more popular by the day

Axie Infinity, one of the hottest blockchain-based games and NFT collections, still displays increasing active users. Over the past week, more than 30% more new users signed up on the platform. This puts Axie Infinity in seventh place among all blockchain-powered games. 

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The game itself has already attracted more than thirty-two thousand new players over the past thirty days. These are remarkable stats that show Axie Infinity has the potential to become one of the biggest blockchain-based games out there. One contributing factor to this amazing performance is the fact that Axie operates on the specifically created Ronin sidechain. 

Another important factor boosting the activity on the platform is Axie’s strong social media presence. With more than 90,000 followers on Twitter alone, Axie manages to grab the attention of fans and push activity. Building a tightly-knit community around the game and the collectibles help put the game and the collection on the map and secure its position at the top of the charts. 

Axie NFTs

Axie Infinity performs surprisingly well and effectively challenges OpenSea as the most active NFT marketplace. User activity on the platform experiences boosts whenever you trade, breed animals, or claim rewards.  Anything that involves the transaction of SLP tokens goes towards increasing dapp activity on the platform. In the past week, the marketplace has kept pushing towards reaching OpenSea and has shown better overall performance than the leader in the charts. On the marketplace, activity is obviously measured in the sales of NFTs. 

An interesting note here is that CryptoPunks has not managed to increase its volume significantly in comparison to Axie Infinity. Despite increased activity surrounding the huge Sotheby’s auction for the Covid Alien Punk just last week, Axie still shows better stats on the obvious number of traders and but more notably on the volume.

Because of the game element, collectibles attract significantly more users. In addition, all game collectibles can later be used in-game, which means that Axie collections have increased usability.


As a play-to-earn game, Axie has created a completely new trend in the blockchain space. 

Initially, Axies were some of the most accessibly priced NFTs on the market. When the game launched, you could have purchased an NFT for $5 or $10. Today prices have gone up, but you could still see starting prices around $130. This makes it easier for Axie players to get into the game without putting a fortune into it. 

The incentive to earn tokens as you play is also a big push for the game. Not to mention that players in countries where the local currency is times cheaper than the dollar or euro, this play-to-earn incentive becomes extremely valuable. Even so, just the idea of receiving money for playing rather than paying money to get a game is really what pushes platforms like Axie Infinity. 

If you want to find out more about Axie Infinity’s performance, check out the detailed DappRadar stats page here. You can also easily keep track of your Axies with the DappRadar portfolio

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