Axie Community Starts Building Spin-Off Games

Axie Community Starts Building Spin-Off Games
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Axie WarKart is one of the first projects to spawn from the Builders Program

Axie Infinity announced the start of the Builders Program a couple of weeks ago, and projects are already in the works. One of the most hyped Axie spin-off games is Axie WarKart, a racing game featuring Axies and other elements from the original game. 

According to recent tweets from Jihoz Zirlin, co-founder of Axie Infinity, the program has already welcomed more than 1500 applicants. Some, like Axie WarKart, have already shared progress and designs with the Axie community.  

Axie WarKart will bring a racing experience to the community. With the option to use their Axies as in-game characters, players will be able to race each other and win. According to creator Ben Kelly, players will also have the opportunity to use power-ups and weapons during races. Both of these elements are items and details already featured in the original Axie Infinity game. 

More details about Axie WarKarts will come soon, however, excitement for the game is already building up. The ENS domain name axiewarkart.eth is already registered to Ben Kelly. He’s also attracting new followers to his Twitter account every day. 

Axie community Builders Program

Axie WarKart is not the only project brewing as a result of the Axie Builders Program. Other developers are already sharing mock-ups and designs from various spin-off projects. For example, binoyaragon.eth is already working on a MOBA game featuring Axies. 

Importantly, developers are free to create any type of gameplay using the assets and NFTs from Axie Infinity. Racing games, tower defense games, brawlers, and any other type of game that incorporates Axie characters and tokens are more than welcome. 

It might seem like Sky Mavis is letting go of important copyright over the designs they have worked really hard on. However, the Builders Program is an incredibly powerful community-building campaign that further strengthens the bond players have with Axie Infinity. Additionally, spin-off projects are encouraged to incorporate in-game economies using AXS and SLP. This strengthens the ecosystem’s play-to-earn mechanics as well. 

To learn more about the Builders Program, check out this detailed overview. DappRadar will continue monitoring the Axie Infinity ecosystem as more games and dapps join in. You can also keep track of all aspects of the game through the links below. 

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