Avatars & GOG Token Push Activity Guild of Guardians

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Action RPG warming up for launch in 2022

Last week the upcoming mobile action RPG Guild of Guardians has seen its on-chain user activity increase 92% to more than 1,100 users thanks to its token launch and a series of new NFT avatars. Stepico and Immutable have launched an avatar NFT collection, which generated excitement, while the project also airdropped its native GOG token.

Whether the Guild of Guardians avatars will have future utility in the wider ecosystem, is still a bit of a mystery. Nonetheless the avatar drop got the community talking. The cheapest avatars listed on the Immutable X marketplace now carry a $304 price tag in USDC, while others are listed for 0.042 ETH.

In addition the newly launched GOG token did well on the market. It reached its all-time low on December 23rd at $1.26, after which it peaked at $1.98 two days later. Right now the GOG token has a value of $1.73.

Guild of Guardians (GOG)

Guild of Guardians is one of the most hyped NFT-powered gaming projects coming to the market next year. The mobile game taps into the Immutable X layer-2 solution to make sure all NFT transfer can happen cheap, energy efficient and fast.

In the mobile game players will have NFT characters and pets, which can join NFT guilds. Players who work together in a guild can unlock new trading and crafting options, putting emphasis on gamers working together.

High expectations for scaling solutions

The trading card game Gods Unchained by Immutable themselves, is already live on Immutable X. In addition other gaming projects like Guild of Guardians and Ember Sword are looking to capitalize on the scaling solutions offered by Immutable X. The scaling solution has been designed to make transferring NFTs smooth, energy efficient and cheap. At the same time the layer-2 solution by Immutable still taps into the security offered by the Ethereum blockchain.

At the time of writing there aren’t many games yet on Immutable X. Gods Unchained is the leading dapp with over 10,000 dapp users per week. In this case those are players interacting with smart contracts, for example claiming rewards or minting NFT assets. Gamers who simply play Gods Unchained don’t count towards this number as gameplay doesn’t take place on the blockchain.

Ember Sword and Guild of Guardians are just some of the games launching on Immutable X in 2022. The virtual world of Habbo Hotel also taps into the blockchain solution, and the same can be said about IMVU. With Illuvium and War Riders the Immutable X ecosystem will welcome more high quality game experiences.

In order to become active in the Immutable X ecosystem, users need to transfer ETH from their Ethereum wallet to Immutable X. With GODS, GOG and IMX to ecosystem already has various native tokens.

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