Avastars Shoot For The Moon with 9478% Boost in Trading Volume

Avastars Shoot For The Moon with 9478% Boost in Trading Volume

Number of sales for the NFT collection shot up 7000% in the past 24 hours

The Ethereum-based NFT collection Avastars has seen a serious spike in trading activity as its volume increased 9478%. The number of sold items increased a jaw-dropping 7000% to more than 432 sold NFTs.

The recent spike in trading volume for Avastars doesn’t come as a surprise, as the community is excitedly anticipating Replicant capabilities to go live. Replicants will be subsequent NFTs created based on the Avastars NFTs a collector already owns. More importantly, collectors will be able to choose traits for their Replicants from the list of traits their current characters already have. 

As anticipation builds up and the launch of Replicants gets closer, collectors are actively trying to secure NFTs with the traits they like. This, in turn, boosts activity for the collection, and pushes trading volume across the board. 

Thanks to this significant increase in activity, Avastars now ranks as the 50th most sought-after collection in the DappRadar Top NFT Collections for the past 24 hours. 

Who are the new Avastars owners?

To get an inside look at the Avastars community, we’ll examine the top three sales for the collection in the past 24 hours. According to DappRadar data, the most expensive sale in that time period was Avastar #18453. This Gen1: Series 4 space explorer switched hands for 0.61 WETH, or about $1,792. His owner has two more Avastars NFTs in their portfolio at the moment. 


Second up is Avastar #22141, which found itself a new owner who spent 0.4 ETH, or about $1,140. This is a Gen 1: Series 5 NFT and has the rather rare Zombie skin tone. Interestingly, the new owner made the third most expensive purchase in the Avastars collection in the past 24 hours. Avastar #19061 is another Zombie character, and the collector paid 0.39 ETH for him.  

The new owner of Avastars #22141 and #19061 also owns a Gen 1: Series 3 NFT, with some cool traits. Avastar #12016 has bright lavender eyes with a  matching backdrop. 

Judging by these last couple of sales, fans are actively stacking up Avastar NFTs with their favorite traits. Having these handy when Replicants launch could be a good tactic.

What are Replicants?

Replicants will be the much-awaited subsequent NFT collection. While Avastars have already gone through five series of Gen 1 NFTs, collectors are still waiting for a utility factor to kick in. This will present itself in the form of Replicants. 

Fans will need to claim Avastars Replicant Token (ART) to create a Replicant. Always check that you have the right token, the address for ART is 0x69ad42a8726f161bd4c76305dfa8f4ecc120115c. ART tokens will be allocated at a 1:1 ratio – each Avastar NFT entitles the owner to one ART token. Minting Replicants will only be available to collectors who already own Avastars NFTs, and have claimed their ART tokens. You can check out this handy guide on how to claim your ART tokens.

At the end of each series, the team took a snapshot of all wallets holding Avastars from that series. That snapshot provided devs with a list of addresses that they then whitelisted. Whitelisted addresses are entitled to claim 1 ART per Avastar NFT. There is no time limit for claiming these tokens. So if you believe you’re entitled, you can check the contract to see, and if so, claim at any time. However, if you buy an Avastar on the secondary market for the first time now, you will not get an ART token. Interestingly, ART tokens can also be used as an investment strategy on their own. You can easily swap ETH for ART on the DappRadar Token Swap.

Importantly, each trait can only be used once when creating a Replicant. This technically means that collectors will be able to pick and choose the best eyes, ears, mouths, earrings, backdrops to create their perfect Replicant. Unfortunately, these traits won’t be available for any further Replicants. 

As anticipation for Replicants builds, more collectors are jumping on the train and purchasing Gen 1 Avastars. DappRadar will continue monitoring the collection’s development, and if you’d like to learn the latest about Avastars, read the Avastars valuation report, and follow us on Twitter and Discord. You can also check out the useful links below.

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