How to Claim ART Tokens for Avastars

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Get ART with Primes, use Primes and ART to make Replicants

The Avastars NFT Collection finally sold out, and now owners of these NFTs can claim ART tokens. These tokens have a use case to grow the Avastars ecosystem even further. You want to have some of those ART tokens, here’s how to claim them!

The Avastars NFT collection sold out, and all the Primes are now in the hands of the community. A new wave of NFT avatars will soon hit the market, the Replicants. These Replicants are new Avastars created from the traits of Primes. In order to make a Replicant, users need 12 traits from 2 up to 5 different Primes as well as the new ART token. 

When someone creates a Replicant, the traits of the Primes and the ART tokens get burned. Minting and burning will require ETH, so keep that in mind. As a result, ART tokens are deflationary, and traits can only be used once. That should make ART tokens relatively useful in the Avastars ecosystem. Perhaps now, or later down the line. 

If you own one or more Avastars Prime NFTs, you will get free ART tokens. One token for each Avastar in your wallet. Right now they’ve distributed the ART tokens for Series 1 and 2. The drops for the Series 3, 4 and 5 will come later. Here’s how to claim your ART tokens. 

Guide on how to claim ART for Avastars

  1. Navigate to the contract address of Avastars on Etherscan: 
  2. Make sure you connect your Web3 wallet service, in most cases that would be Metamask, but WalletConnect is also supported.
  1. You will notice your wallet is now connected to Etherscan. There’s a green signal. 
  2. Let’s see if you’re eligible and how much ART you can claim. Click “Read Contract”, then scroll down to option #5. Click to unfold it.
  1. Fill in your wallet address, and then click “Query”. The interface will tell you how many ART tokens you can claim.
  2. Let’s claim those tokens. Go to the tab “Write Contract”.
  3. Now scroll down to option #3, click on it. It unfolds and shows the button “Write”. Click “Write”.
  1. Your web3 wallet, Metamask or WalletConnect, will pop up. Approve the transaction. Keep in mind that you will need to pay gas fees for this action. 
  2. The ART tokens, if any, will now be transferred to your wallet address. 
  3. Congratulations, you now own ART tokens, needed to create Replicants in the Avastars NFT Collection. 
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