Avastars Gen One NFTs Sold Out


Replicants are next up

Avastars, a collection of NFT on-chain profile picture characters, has sold out all of its Generation 1 releases. In the past 24 hours, more than 250 unique NFTs switched owners, completing the sale of Gen 1 characters. 

Centered around the idea of space travel and the planet of Avastar, all Gen 1 characters are said to be the original inhabitants of Avastar. All Gen 1 characters NFTs are stored exclusively on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that no asset or even detail of the image is stored outside of the blockchain ecosystem.

Generation 1 Avastars were divided into five different drops, each containing 5000 Avastar Primes. Now that all primes are sold out, Avastars is moving into the second phase of NFT production. According to the legend, when Primes landed on the planet, they brought a Replication Facility, which would allow them to create Replicants.

The final stages of Prime sales significantly boosted activity for the Avastars collection. In the past seven days, unique active wallets interacting with the collection jumped by more than 100%. The number of transactions involving Avastars NFTs also rose by more than 62%. Considering these spikes in activity, volume for the collection also increased significantly by more than 79% to a little less than $500,000 for seven days.

Avastars is definitely enjoying a boost in attention and interest from NFT enthusiasts. What’s more important is that the team behind this project is not going to end the collection here. With the end of Prime sales, a new era in Avastars history begins.

Introducing Avastars Replicants

As Gen 1 sales have concluded, Avastars creators are hard at work to bring collectors the next big thing in the Avastars universe – Replicants. 

According to the official website, Engineers will be able to create Replicants by combining already existing traits from Primes. In essence, when Primes are teleported, i.e., sold, a copy of their traits is stored. This copy can then be used only one time to create a single Replicant. Considering this limitation, there can only be as many Replicants as there were Primes. This will introduce a level of scarcity to the new Replicants collection and allow for a more diverse market. 

The Replicants factory has not yet officially launched on the platform. However, the announcement should land any minute. For the moment, stay tuned as DappRadar continues to monitor the development of the Avastars universe and NFTs.

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