Avastars NFTs Trade Volume Reaches $1.2 Million As Series 3 Sells Out

Avastars 1m series 3

Increased activity on primary and secondary markets!

Avastars has gone through a hype run in the past few days as it sold out Series 3 and doubled its activity on the secondary market. The dapp saw $1 million in transactions, while the secondary market doubled its activity to more than $207 thousand.

The digital characters from Avastars were suddenly available for minting again through the official Avastars website. Minting opened again on March 9th, only for the project to sell out its third series on March 14th. 

The dapp registered more than 4280 transactions and registered almost $1 million in volume. According to the DappRadar dapp page, there have been 647 active wallets interacting with the dapp. The average Avastar sold through the dapp was minted for 0.13 ETH or $223. 

At the same time, the re-opening of the Avastars minting portal sparked renewed interest from collectors. Trading volume on the secondary market doubled last week to $207.920, while the number of traders and sales also doubled. The average Avastar on the secondary market sold for $1.148.

There’s currently a maximum supply of 15.200 Avastar tokens, and in total these Avastars are stored in 1.489 different wallets. The top wallet, owned by famous NFT collector Pranksy, contains 10.9% of the total supply. You can see the contents of this legendary wallet in the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker.

source: avastars.io

What is Avastars? 

Avastars present themselves as avatars for the metaverse. An Avastar is basically a digital character that has certain traits, ranging from eye colors to crazy helmets and haircuts. All data is stored on the blockchain, making them immutable as long as the Ethereum blockchain exists.

Avastars come in different rarities. The most common ones have a low ranking and sell for 0.07 ETH. However, characters with multiple epic and legendary traits get a higher score and sell for 1.4 ETH. The dapp allows users to scroll through the Avastars, and just mint the ones they like. 

There will only be five generations, and each of them comes with five series. Avastars just sold out Generation 1 and series 3. All these generation 1 characters are so-called Primes, which will serve as the basis to create Replicants. 

More about Avastars and NFTs

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