Atari X: From Traditional Gaming to Web3

Atari X- From Traditional Gaming to Web3
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Atari X consolidates Atari’s blockchain interests into a unified operation that enhances user experience.

Gaming veteran Atari launched its Web3 initiative, Atari X. The project aims to inject Atari’s blockchain interests into a unified platform that serves gamers and Atari fans. Atari’s ultimate goal is to build a robust blockchain ecosystem that intertwines gaming, utility, and community meanwhile ensuring that web3 remains a strategic part of Atari’s plan.

Atari is 50 years old this year. It is this legendary gaming company that arguably, nurtured the first generation of gamers. Atari blazed its way from the arcade game space to home gaming consoles, and the legacy of its classic titles lives on today.

As we reach Atari’s 50th birthday, people are curious about how the veteran gaming company will move into the future. Apparently, Atari is well on target: it aims to venture into Web3 with the kickoff of Atari X.

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What is Atari X?

Atari X is a robust blockchain ecosystem that intertwines gaming, community, and utility. It is an initiative that consolidates Atari’s blockchain interests into a unified operation that allows Atari to curate an unparalleled entertainment experience for its fan base. Combining Web3 development with top-notch partnerships, Atari X will evolve into a vibrant blockchain ecosystem. 

Who created Atari X?

Is Atari X the brainchild of Atari? Yes!

Founded in 1972, Atari has an irreplaceable place in the world of arcade games, consoles, and personal computers. Atari’s signature games include Pong, Space Invader, Pac-Man, and more. These household names have inspired generations of players and game developers.

Atari has attempted several collaborations and experiments in the blockchain space. But it ultimately decided to take matters into its own hands to bring users the best and most seamless experience. The team believes that blockchain will become an essential part of Atari’s business, bringing new ways for the company to interact and collaborate with partners, players and fans.

Explore Atari X‘s Web3 world

Atari X is based on three pillars, games, usability, and community.

Atari X

It would be no exaggeration to say that Atari and games are synonymous, as games made Atari known to the world. In Web3, Atari also wants to leverage its years of experience to create fun and unforgettable gaming memories for its players.

Atari strives to provide utility to its participants and community. This includes tokens, blockchain games, NFT initiatives, and more. Furthermore, Atari invites its community to have an active voice in developing its business. The community will be a source of inspiration and a key driving force for Atari X.

So what are those projects currently available for users to experience?

NFT Collection: 50 Years of Atari

50 Years of Atari is the genesis NFT collection launched on Ethereum. Created by renowned Brazilian artist Butcher Billy, the collection consists of 2,600 unique generative art posters that grant holders access to the Atari X Web3 ecosystem.

What are the benefits of being holders of these NFTs?

All NFT holders will access exclusive discord channels, Web3 alpha, and holder-only allow list opportunities with our partners. What’s more? If the holder wants to show off their one-of-a-kind collectibles, Atari can also help. Holders can choose to have these NFTs made into high-quality prints and hang them on walls for guests’ admiration. More details can be found on this page.

Perks don’t stop there. The Atari X team will enrich the benefits and utilities of the 50 Years of Atari collection.

Roadmap of Atari X

Atari launches Sunnyvale in Sandbox

The Sandbox recently revealed its latest Alpha Season 3, unlocking 90 new metaverse experiences. Notably, Atari is one of the critical landowners in The Sandbox. Now, it has launched Sunnyvale, a unique experience that allows players to explore, socialize, and meet non-player characters based on Atari characters.

In an AMA with DappRadar, Tyler Drewitz, director of Atari X, shared with us Atari’s vision and plans for the future of Web3, the metaverse, and blockchain gaming.

Watch the full AMA

Keep learning about the next generation of games

The Web3 gaming experience that Atari X will bring to gamers is worth the anticipation. 

Apart from Atari, many gaming teams are gearing up to take users on an unprecedented gaming journey. Don’t worry about getting lost in the sea of games. DappRadar will keep up with the latest and hottest games. 

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