Atari Bringing Gaming Legacy Into Web3

Atari Bringing Gaming Legacy Into Web3
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Atari is bringing its gaming legacy into Web3 with Atari.X

Atari.X is the new Web3 branch of the legendary gaming company, and with director Tyler Drewitz they want to bring back the collaborative heritage of Atari. Their sales now total over $1 million in Atari NFT trading due to its extensive network of NFT brands. In an AMA with DappRadar, they explained all about their vision on Web3, the Metaverse, and the future of blockchain gaming

Atari peaked in the early 80s but became a symbol for the video game crash of the early 80s. Nobody expected home consoles to succeed again until Nintendo entered the market. Fast forward 40 years and Atari has established a Web3 company, called Atari.X. 

The team believes that blockchain will continue to grow to be a significant part of their business and create new venues for them to interact and collaborate with their community. 

Atari in The Sandbox

The iconic gaming company has chosen The Sandbox to build its experiences. Embracing user-generated content and the immersive possibilities of the Metaverse.

Back in the early days of Atari, the company was innovative and had strong ideas about inclusion and community. 

Atari was the first to hire a female game developer, working on Centipede. Atari introduced backward compatibility and was the first to onboard third-party developers.

Tyler Drewitz

Drewitz also addressed that Adventure, a game on the Atari 2600, was the first ever game to contain an easter egg. According to the Atari.X director, this already highlighted the need for developers and creators to be recognized. That’s a very strong element in Web3 as well. 

There’s a hotline right now (888-ATARI50). This adds fun experiences and easter eggs for the community to discover. 

What about the new Atari.X NFT collection?

Atari.X just launched its first NFT collection and NFT holders can expect a whole bunch of perks. For example, Atari will airdrop 40 The Sandbox Alpha Passes to some of their NFT holders, every NFT holder will get $100 credit for Unstoppable Domains, and the team will introduce physical prints. Every NFT in the collection that has a sticker in the bottom left, will be able to claim a free physical print. 

Drewitz even suggested that Atari.X might hand out game cartridges to NFT holders. He also wants to bring back Atari Club, which in the 80s included a magazine and Atari Redemption Certificates. “Kinda like tokens”, Drewitz added with a smile on his face. 

Back in the early days of Atari these points could be used to acquire new games and there would be Atari Club meetups.

We want to bring back all kinds of cool activations with Web2, Web3, and physical.

Tyler Drewitz

Watch the full AMA

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