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Astar zkEVM chain integration announcement
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Discover, track, and analyze dapps on Astar zkEVM

DappRadar is delighted to announce that we integrated Astar zkEVM, the Layer-2 scaling solution with zero-knowledge proofs. Through the World’s Dapp Store, developers can list their dapps for free, allowing hundreds of thousands of users to discover new and exciting opportunities in Web3. 

We’re excited to welcome Astar zkEVM, the first Layer-2 chain on Polygon’s AggLayer. The network is powered by Polygon CDK, and Astar zkEVM sets a new standard for the Web3 user experience, with unified liquidity, community, and near-instant, atomic transactions.

With the integration of Astar zkEVM, users can utilize DappRadar to find dapps in all product categories. For example, through the Rankings they can see which dapps perform best, and how these dapps compare to other similar products on the market. 

Key features of Astar zkEVM

Astar zkEVM is poised to push adoption forward, in particular in the Japanese market. Thanks to its zero-knowledge rollup technology, the network inherits the security of Ethereum and the scalability of Astar’s own network. Astar zkEVM utilizes the building tools provided by the Polygon CDK, therefore enabling easier interoperability between different chains.  

Thanks to its trustless interoperability and shared security from Ethereum’s mainnet, users also experience reduced transaction costs. Furthermore, the network easily connects with other EVM networks, and is highly scalable thanks to the zero-knowledge cryptography. 

Read our guide to learn more about Astar zkEVM.  

Dapps to explore on Astar zkEVM

The Astar zkEVM ecosystem just launched its mainnet, but already offers a solid set of decentralized applications. Among these dapps, you will find the following:

  • Very Long Swap – a decentralized exchange native to Astar zkEVM
  • QuickSwap – the most popular DeFi platform in the Polygon 2.0 ecosystem
  • L2X – the trading and liquidity hub for Astar zkEVM

Missing a dapp? List it now!

Developers and enthusiastic community members of the Astar zkEVM ecosystem can list their projects easily on DappRadar. Join our platform, and showcase your project to our global community of Web3 enthusiasts. 
All you need to do is to make an account on our Developer Dashboard, and provide all the requested information. Once your dapp has been approved, you will receive a notification. Then anybody can find your dapp, and they can discover key metrics on the project page. By listing a project on DappRadar, you boost its visibility and increase its chance for success.

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