DappRadar Joins Yoki Origins Campaign

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Celebrating the Astar Network with a captivating campaign for everybody

Alongside integrating Astar zkEVM, we’re excited to join the Yoki Origins campaign, a 2-month celebration of the Astar Network. With the campaign, we’re making Web3 and the world of dapps more captivating and accessible, for everyone. 

DappRadar has been in a partnership with Astar Network for more than 2 years, supporting Astar EVM. The recent integration with Astar zkEVM will forge an even more robust partnership between DappRadar and Astar.

Now we join the Yoki Origins campaign for 2 months, celebrating Astar Network and their launch of Astar zkEVM. This campaign will run from March to May 2024.

Yoki Origins

Yoki Origins invites you on an exciting journey into the heart of Japanese culture, where you’ll interact with unique Yoki characters, drawing inspiration from the mystical Yokai of Japanese folklore.

Yoki Origins campaign with DappRadar - artwork: Countryside_Background_Complete

Yoki, reminiscent of the Yokai — supernatural beings — serve as the central figures in the Yoki Origins campaign. Historically, the Japanese perceived nature as wild and formidable, with Yokai symbolizing the elements of natural landscapes like mountains, rivers, and seas. These mysterious beings are a cherished part of Japanese culture. This way, Astar invites you to celebrate their Japanese roots.

Apart from collecting the Yoki characters, over the next two months you’ll have the opportunity to interact with skilled artists, leading innovators, and Web3 pioneers who have embraced Astar zkEVM. So far, more than 40 projects including top Japanese enterprises and artists have agreed to join the campaign, producing their original NFTs.

Engage in partners’ quests, discover Japan from various angles, collect and enhance your Yoki characters — all during the next 2 months of this thrilling campaign.

DappRadar x Yoki Origins

DappRadar, the World’s Dapp Store, is excited to be a part of the Yoki Origins campaign. DappRadar will have 30 PRO NFTs (that will entitle you for a DappRadar PRO membership for 1 month) to give away.

To win these NFTs, go to the Yoki Origins website, find DappRadar YoPort on one of the floors, play and complete our quest. Moreover, you will get OMA Tokens (Omamori NFTs) upon completion that can be later used to evolve Yokis you’ve collected.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese culture, win amazing prizes and join the fun!

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