Art Blocks Surpasses $100 Million in Volume

Generative art NFT collection boasts almost 40,000 sales

In the past 24 hours, Art Blocks has officially surpassed the $100 million mark in terms of volume. According to DappRadar data, as of today, the collection has attracted more than $103 million in volume and over 9000 traders.

For the past several weeks, attention towards several sub-collections generated through Art Blocks has been on the rise. With numerous high-grossing sales, it is no surprise the collection has passed the $100 million mark. In a recent DappRadar NFT sales review, Art Blocks dominated the top 10. Some of the pieces sold for upwards of $236,000. 

Fidenza, Eternal Pump, and Chromie Squiggles are the most recognizable pieces, and the highest-grossing as well. 

Eternal Pump #29 and #1

Art Blocks in the charts

In the past seven days, the volume going through the collection’s smart contracts jumped by 500%. This is a significant increase, which places it at the DappRadar Top 3 NFT Collections for the week. 

The huge spike in volume was pushed by an increase in users interacting with the collection by almost 50%. The number of transactions processed by the collection’s smart contracts also jumped by more than 60%.

Art Blocks

Art Blocks is one of the best examples of generative art expressed in the form of NFTs. Because of the uniqueness of each piece in the collection, NFT enthusiasts have recognized it as one of the more valuable Etheruem-based NFT projects. 

Generative art is a hot topic for the NFT community at the moment. With more projects entering the space, Art Blocks becomes one of the well-established collections, and people seem to pay increasingly more attention to it. Additionally, pieces in the collection are selling for increasingly higher prices. The collection has been featured in several of the latest DappRadar Weekly Top 10 NFTs. 

With this significant milestone behind its’ back, Art Blocks is set on an adventure to conquer new heights. DappRadar will continue monitoring this collection’s development. If you own pieces from it and would like to view them and evaluate them better, check out DappRadar Portfolio. Just log in with your wallet, and browse through your collection. 

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