ArmzLegends Makes a Splash in BSC Game Rankings

ArmzLegends Makes a Splash in BSC Game Rankings

Play-to-earn game attracted more than 30.000 unique active wallets in the past week

ArmzLegends is one of the newest play-to-earn opportunities on Binance Smart Chain, already proving its worth and climbing the DappRadar Rankings. The game attracted more than 30.000 unique active wallets in the past seven days, effectively rising to 13th place in the game rankings for BSC. 

ArmzLegends has enjoyed a wave of initial activity since its official launch not more than a week ago. By combining DeFi, gaming mechanics, and NFTs, ArmzLegends is already catering to the interests of a large community. 

Since November 7th, the platform processed more than 593.000 transactions, which generated upwards of $391 million in trading volume. This pushed ArmzLegends to the top of DappRadar rankings, bringing it to 13th position among all BSC games in the past week. Not only that, the platform currently ranks 33rd among all BSC dapps tracked on DappRadar.

What is ArmzLegends?

ArmzLegends is a play-to-earn platform hosted on Binance Smart Chain. Players who join ArmzLegends get the opportunity to collect Armz NFTs, and use them in one-on-one battles against other players. The stronger your Armz NFT, the higher your chance to win matches. 

As a play-to-earn game, ArmzLegends relies heavily on its native token PROT. This BEP-20 token serves as the reward incentive for players to participate in matches. If you win an ArmzLegends battle, you are rewarded in PROT tokens. 

All ArmzLegends fights are on-chain transactions. The system automatically takes the power values of the chosen character and enemy and then compares the calculated rolls to determine if the player wins or loses. Importantly, enemies have different success rates and rewards rates, so it’s vital to choose your opponent carefully. 

If you want to start playing ArmzLegends, you need to have at least one Armz NFT in your wallet. The public sale for Armz NFTs has ended. However, players can still mint new NFTs on the official website. Additionally, ArmzLegends has introduced a starting incentive for the platform by doubling player rewards for the first week.


Staking and the Lottery

Aside from battling your Armz NFTs against other players, you also get the opportunity to earn passive income from your PROT tokens. ArmzLegends has integrated a staking feature on the platform that allows players to lock up their PROT rewards and earn even more tokens. At the time of writing, the rewards mechanism works based on staking period. If you stake PROT for

  • 2 weeks: you get 0.2% per 100 PROT
  • 1 month: you get 0.4% per 100 PROT
  • 3 months: you get 0.8% per 100 PROT

Notably, the minimum amount to enter the staking contract is 100 PROT. Currently, onе PROT token is worth about $24, which means players have to make a hefty investment to start staking. 


However, if you stake PROT tokens for three months, you are automatically added to the Lottery. The Lottery gives players a chance to win free Armz NFTs that can later be used in battle. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring ArmzLegends on its road to even greater heights on BSC gaming charts. As the play-to-earn and GameFi movements continue to gain momentum, games like ArmzLegends will see an influx of new players. If you want to learn more about BSC gaming, and the PROT token, check out the useful links below. 

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