Are You Hardcore Enough to Receive Reddit’s Avatar Airdrop?

Are You Hardcore Enough to Receive Reddit’s Avatar Airdrop
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Collectible Avatars are NFTs on the Polygon Network.

Social media network Reddit has been airdropping its Polygon-powered NFT avatars to the platform’s most engaged users. These so-called Collectible Avatars can provide owners with unique benefits on the Reddit platform.


  • Reddit has been airdropping free Collectible Avatars to some of its most active users. 
  • Apart from receiving them for free, users can also purchase these NFTs on Reddit’s platform avatar shop.
  • Collectible Avatars are Polygon-based NFTs whose metadata and content are stored using IPFS.
  • Whether you are a collectible avatar owner or not, you can always use the DappRadar NFT Explorer to track and estimate NFTs and gain data-driven insights.

Social media companies are flocking to the world of Web3, and their strategies, achievements, and user responses vary. 

One of the most popular social media platforms, Reddit, announced last month that it would release a series of NFT avatars based on its Snoo characters. Users can purchase these avatars on Reddit’s platform, ranging in price from $9.99 to $99.99. Designer collections, among others, are sold for a relatively higher price.

Reddit avatar airdrop

Recently, a Reddit administrator announced that the platform would be airdropping free NFT avatars to loyal users to recognize their contributions to the Reddit community. In the last few days, more users have received Reddit’s avatar airdrop, and they can’t wait to show off their privilege on Twitter.

What are Reddit Avatars?

Collectible Avatars are limited-edition avatars for Reddit users, providing owners with unique benefits on the Reddit platform. Moreover, Collectible Avatars are highly customizable. Users can mix and match avatar gear with other Reddit avatar gear and accessories. Additionally, owners can store and manage these avatars on Reddit’s blockchain wallet, Vault.

Reddit refers to the collection as Collectible Avatars and avoids overtly claiming they are NFTs. This is because NFTs tend to be associated with speculation and scams, and Reddit perhaps wanted to minimize such negative associations. 

However, it is worth noting that users mint Collectible Avatars on Polygon with their metadata and content stored using IPFS. This proves that non-fungible tokens are the best tool for giving users digital sovereignty, ensuring the authenticity and transparency of digital assets. 

This article will offer a deeper understanding of what NFT is and what features they have.

Reddit chose Polygon because of its excellent compatibility with Ethereum. More importantly, Polygon enables cheaper, faster, and more energy-efficient transactions than the current Ethereum mainnet. As a result, Polygon is also the preferred network for many gaming dapps.

Use DappRadar NFT Explorer to track Reddit Collectible Avatar and all your NFT assets 

Whether you are a Reddit Collectible Avatar collector or not, you can use the DappRadar NFT Explorer to view the transactions and values of this collection and the vast majority of NFTs on the market. In addition, the NFT Value Estimator feature leverages machine learning algorithms to help users assess the value of their most valuable assets.

Take a look at the video below to learn how to use these features. You are also welcome to go to NFT Explorer to try it out and find out the latest trends in the NFT sphere!

DappRadar will continue monitoring the latest on Reddit’s Web3 involvement. Follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Youtube to keep up with the dynamic blockchain world. 

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