Announcing Frutti Dino x DappRadar NFT Giveaway

Announcing Frutti Dino x DappRadar NFT Giveaway
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The giveaway starts from August 1 till August 15 with ten free NFTs.

Frutti Dino has teamed up with DappRadar to host an NFT giveaway event starting on August 1, 2022. It is a role-playing game in which players can use unique Dino NFTs to fight against off monsters and protect Dino’s habitat. 


  • Frutti Dino is a highly anticipated play-and-earn game launching in Q4 2022.
  • The game will give away ten normal Dino NFTs to the community as rewards.
  • These NFTs are of great value and facilitate Frutti Dino’s gameplay and ecosystem.
  • Join Frutti Dino’s Discord and follow them on Twitter to gain early access to exclusive benefits.

Play-to-earn games are disrupting the traditional way that players participate in games and make their time and money invested pay back. These tokens can prove the player’s ownership of their in-game assets and grant them privileges. In such an innovative mechanism, NFTs play a vital role.

As a result, more and more players want to find high-quality games and obtain their NFTs in the early stages to get early bird benefits. Frutti Dino, the highly anticipated game of 2022, brings users the opportunity to gain their NFTs for free.

What values do Dino NFTs have?

Frutti Dino

Frutti Dino is a multiplatform NFT PNE(Play and Earn) simulation roleplay game by Monoverse. The game features a cute lineup of dinos with unique types, parts, and colors. Each Dino is an NFT character, and their value can go beyond just game income. 

The team behind Frutti Dino intends to grow the game into a multi-metaverse platform that centers around these in-game characters. Once the official game launches in Q4 2022, Dino NFTs will facilitate the Frutti Dino gameplay in various ways.

For example, players can send their Dinos on expeditions to look for precious items, engage them in a race for prizes, attend battles, and more. In addition, users can trade through the marketplace or rent them out for extra profit.  

Frutti Dino Gameplay

Join the Frutti Dino and win prizes

Frutti Dino NFT giveaway

The Monoverse team is working tirelessly to prepare for this year’s official game launch. It is worth mentioning that Frutti Dino has achieved quite a few milestones in the past few months. These include strategic investments from significant venture capital, key partnerships, and successful events to bring together the community.

From August 1st to 15th, Frutti Dino will host an NFT giveaway with DappRadar. During this period, there will be free NFTs for community members and players to win. These NFTs are crucial in-game assets that can help players to set out on an exciting adventure in the Dinoverse. 

The event snapshot is as follows.

  • Total Giveaway Amount: 10 x Frutti Dino Normal NFTs.
  • Date: August 1, at 6 am UTC — August 15, 10 am UTC.
  • Rules: complete all the tasks specified on this event page.

These cute and magical little Dinos are up for grabs! The best way to keep track of ongoing events is to join Frutti Dino’s Discord and follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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