Animoca Launching REVV Racing with $150,000 Tournament

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Their own play-to-earn racing game coming next month

Blockchain gaming powerhouse Animoca Brands has announced REVV Racing, a play-to-earn game that will launch in August with its own $150,000 tournament. Gamers already active in the REVV ecosystem will potentially receive free racing car vehicles.

REVV Racing will be a stand-alone racing game made by Animoca Brands. The new title will launch on August 11th with a public alpha test. Gamers who play F1 Delta Time have already won NFTs for the racing game, while REVV token holders with more than 9,000 REVV in their wallets will also receive a car. 

We don’t know much about REVV Racing yet. Animoca describes it as an arcade simulation racing game. Players can drive their cars from the  1st and 3rd person perspective, and will have full control over the vehicle. Every vehicle in this racing game is an NFT. Owning such an NFT will be the basic requirement to enter and race.

REVV Motorsport Ecosystem Grows  

REVV is a token used in a variety of racing games, all part of Animoca Brands. The token first became part of F1 Delta Time, and has now expanded to, for example, MotoGP Ignition, Formula E and the newly announced REVV Racing. 

Gamers can use the REVV token in a variety of ways, including paying for races, car upgrades, and new NFT purchases. When users buy NFTs with the token or pay for fees, these REVV tokens return to the economy and the cycle continues revolving. That means that the REVV tokens are never burned or destroyed. 

The first product featuring REVV is the racing game F1 Delta Time. Due to the growth of the REVV token ecosystem, its users can now stake cars to earn REVV and enjoy benefits across different products and platforms. At the moment, some of the games that are confirmed to be part of the REVV motorsport ecosystem include Fatal Run, MotoGP Ignition, Night Driver, Formula E, and F1 Delta Time.

The REVV motorsport ecosystem shot up gradually. Its price made a 500% increase from January to mid-March, 2021, from $0.06 to $0.36. Now, owners of the REVV token can use it for NFT purchases, gameplay entry fees, and staking. It can also be earned through staking, and as a gameplay rewards token. If you wish to purchase REVV, you can find it at the DappRadar Token Swap.

Prospects of The REVV Motorsport Ecosystem

As more products are added to the ecosystem, the community is expected to blossom further. F1 Delta Time will also start using the Polygon blockchain. This means that REVV token holders on the Ethereum blockchain can transfer the equivalent amount to Polygon, by using a bridge. This development implies that REVV on Polygon will be used just as it is on Ethereum. It is also exciting to know that any REVV earned on Polygon can be moved to Ethereum seamlessly.

F1 Delta moving to Polygon is a plus for motorsport lovers and should be cheered upon. This innovation will help reduce gas fees for transactions, increase the efficiency of users’ play-to-earn experience, and will make transaction processing times faster. However, integrating into the Polygon chain is not as easy as it might sound. One of the major challenges is ensuring that the bridge is robust and secure. NFTs will also be bridged between Ethereum and Polygon allowing NFTs minted with any Key that opens Polygon, to be sold on Ethereum. With time, all other components of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem will be available onPolygon.

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