Animoca Brands Announced TOWER Chest Sale for Upcoming Game

Animoca Brands Announced TOWER Chest Sale for Upcoming Game

First time the sale takes place on Polygon

Animoca Brands has announced the next TOWER Chest sale coming to the Polygon blockchain on Thursday, February 10. During the NFT sale, the company will sell 80% of the remaining assets, spread out in two batches with 12-hour intervals. 

The TOWER Chest NFT sale will take place on Thursday, February 10, at 2 AM UTC and 2 PM UTC. This way, people from different time zones can participate in the NFT sale without disrupting sleep patterns. These NFT chests contain three game cards that can be used in an upcoming tower defense game in the Crazy Kings tower defense franchise. 

As said, there are two sales moments. The team will sell 200 gold chests, 1,000 silver chests, and 1,400 bronze chests during both of them. The golden ones will cost 12,800 TOWER ($425), the silver ones will go for 4,800 TOWER ($160), and the bronze chests have a 1,800 TOWER price tag or $60. The sale will take place on

However, there’s a limitation of 3 gold cheats, 10 silver chests, or 30 bronze chests per transaction. Within these chests, NFT collectors can find three Tower Card NFTs with different rarities. One each of the three cards, there’s an additional amount of chance to find the rarest option possible. 

In the luckiest scenario, a Gold Chest contains 2 Legendary and 1 Epic TOWER Game Card NFTs. If you have the least amount of luck, a Gold Chest will include 2 Common cards and 1 Rare card.

These TOWER Game Card NFTs will become usable in the upcoming TOWER blockchain game. This will be the spiritual successor to Crazy Defense Heroes, which already attracts 64,000 unique active wallets per week.  

How to buy a TOWER Chest on Polygon?

If you want to buy the TOWER Chest NFTs, you must prepare a little bit for the sale. Because of the limited amount of chests and the extensive player base of Crazy Defense Heroes, we could very well see the NFTs sell out fast. It’s HIGHLY recommended to go through the steps below before the sale starts, or you will likely miss the boat.

  • You will need TOWER tokens to buy the NFTs. 
    • Earn TOWER tokens by playing Crazy Defense Heroes. If you’ve not been doing this already, you will probably not make enough tokens before the sale. The monthly airdrop will take place on February 11th
    • It makes more sense to buy TOWER tokens through DappRadar Swap straight into your Polygon wallet. Keep in mind that you do need MATIC tokens in order to swap.
    • Or purchase TOWER on QuickSwap. You do need MATIC tokens in your Polygon wallet.
    • The Animoca Brands team will soon launch options to bridge TOWER tokens easily from Ethereum or BSC to Polygon.
  • You will also need MATIC to pay for gas fees. Not a lot, but having at least 1 MATIC in your wallet is always helpful.
  • Approve TOWER. Go to the official TOWER token website, click “Chest Sale,” then click “Approve.” You have the option to adjust the Spend Limit, which will require an extra transaction and therefore more gas fees. 
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