An Immersive and Artistic Play-to-earn Journey with Wizardia’s Arena Genesis NFTs

The third round of Arena Genesis NFTs sale is underway

Wizardia has curated an immersive and artistic journey for game enthusiasts with its Arena Genesis NFTs. The hotly-anticipated play-to-earn game features artistic visual design and an ecosystem where players can receive real-world incomes. In Wizardia’s dual-NFT ecosystem, Arena Genesis NFTs serve as the instrument for investors and early supporters to benefit from the project’s economy without participating in the gameplay.

The latest DappRadar BGA Games Report reveals that blockchain gaming accounts for 49% of the usage in the blockchain industry in February. The craze around this sector is here to stay. Notably, in blockchain gaming, play-to-earn (P2E) as a new paradigm indicates an unstoppable convergence of the gameplay and in-game economy. Thanks to non-fungible token (NFT) technology, players finally can take ownership of their in-game digital assets and, more impressively, earn remunerative rewards through P2E games.

Among all the sectors in the blockchain industry, blockchain gaming may see the most intense competition, even though game development is not an easy task. Making a good game involves a lot of things, from gameplay design to scriptwriting, music and sound effects, programming, and more. But in essence, games are a heavily visual medium. A game’s visual design doesn’t stop at outstanding graphic design. More importantly, it is about leveraging visuals to immerse players in an interactive journey and augment the overall experience. 

Ever since the project’s launch, Wizardia has been a great example of an immersive visual journey in the gaming sphere. With that understanding in mind, let’s demystify how Wizardia captures players’ attention visually and entices them to get to know its magical world.

A closer look at Arena Genesis NFTs’ design

As introduced in the previous coverage, Wizardia features a dual-NFT economy where Arena Genesis NFTs make up one-half. Different from Wizard NFTs, Arena Genesis NFTs allow holders to earn royalties from the Wizardia game world without participating in the gameplay. It adds a necessary economic layer to spur the sustainability of the game ecosystem. 

Since its reveal, Arena Genesis NFTs have caught users’ eyes with their stunning design. Clearly, Wizardia’s team has always put user experience at its core by perfecting every single detail. The design of Arena Genesis NFTs, both visually and functionally, is an excellent example of how Wizardia ensures inclusiveness for every role in the game ecosystem. Let’s take a closer look at the design of Arena Genesis NFTs. 

In terms of visuals, Arena Genesis NFTs are majestic-looking Wizards wielding magical contracts symbolized by mysterious runes. They illustrate Wizardia’s distinct style and setting – a blend of dark fantasy and futuristic sci-fi elements. As you can see in the picture above, different sales rounds feature different wizard figures and rune symbols. From left to right, they are the Arena Genesis NFT design images for the first to third rounds. 

​​Each subsequent round of sales will unveil a different, unique wizard and rune. For the remaining four rounds of the sale, Wizardia’s in-house art team, together with the acclaimed Locura Art Studio, is still crafting the images of the tokens to be sold. More details will be announced on social media channels in the near future.

Why Buy Arena Genesis NFTs?

Wizardia introduced Arena Genesis NFTs as a unique opportunity for investors and a giveback to those who support Wizardia from day one.

Apart from being a feast for the eye, Arena Genesis NFTs will generate passive income for the holders from the moment of purchase. Arena Genesis NFTs accrue royalties in two ways: through staking before the game’s launch and through receiving a portion of all transactions generated in the game’s battle Arena.

Once all the sales rounds end and the PvP Arena mode launches, Arena Genesis NFTs holders will be paid out their WZRD tokens in the staking system automatically. The next stage of passive income generation begins with receiving a portion of the royalties from PvP battles held in the Arena.

As a result, this system allows the holders of Arena Genesis NFTs to earn royalties throughout the whole project without actively participating in the game.

Given that Arena Genesis NFTs generate staking rewards from the time of purchase, it works out in a way that earlier purchases will grant bigger rewards. In addition, early rounds also offer lower prices for Arena Genesis NFTs. Specifically, tokens in the first sales round will be priced at $125 each, rising to $445 by the final round.

After starting on February 14, the first and second rounds of Arena Genesis NFT public sales have already sold out quickly. Currently, sales have just entered the third round. For a full schedule and the upcoming sales rounds, you can check out Wizardia’s official website. Or get in contact with the Wizardia team for more information on upcoming giveaways, competitions, and project updates.

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