Alien Worlds fastest growing Dapp on Wax

Alien Worlds WAX

5317 active wallets within a month

The space exploration game Alien Worlds is the fastest-growing dapp on the Wax blockchain at this very moment. In the past 30 days it has grown from nothing to 5317 daily active wallets, only surpassed by the AtomicMarket and AtomicAssets. However, this is just the beginning for Alien Worlds as the German development studio Dacoco has a lot more plans lined up.


  • Daily active wallets for Alien Worlds peaking at 5317
  • R-Planet had 331% growth in the past week

Comparing Alien Worlds with AtomicMarket, which combines multiple market websites on Wax, and AtomicAssets, which offers minting services for dapps on Wax, doesn’t seem completely fair. Especially because these are tools that Alien Worlds uses and needs to exist.

Therefore it makes more sense to compare the growth of Alien Worlds with two other gaming dapps: Prospectors and R-Planet. 

These two are behind Alien Worlds in terms of active wallets. Prospectors is an economic strategy game running on multiple blockchains, including Wax, while R-Planet will become a space exploration game with DeFi-elements.

In the past three weeks, Prospectors has grown from 1305 daily active wallets to 1570. However, since its launch just one month ago, Alien Worlds grew from 14 users to 5317 daily active wallets. 

Source: DappRadar

Over the past 30 days, Alien Worlds has seen 7690 active wallets, compared with 3880 wallets for Prospectors and 1150 for R-Planet. For R-Planet that’s an increase of 777 percent, while Prospectors has quite a steady amount of active wallets.

Alien Worlds launched just before Christmas last year, and their amount of active wallets keeps increasing. The amount of daily active wallets crossed the four thousand mark on January 15th and has continued to increase. 

On January 15th the Alien Worlds and R-Planet announced a collaboration, which allows users of R-Planet to stake their Alien Worlds NFTs and earn AETHER tokens. This announcement caused an increased amount of traffic for R-Planet, which has seen 331 percent growth week-over-week.

R-Planet jumped from a little over 215 to 713 active wallets on January 19th. However, both Alien Worlds and R-Planet are still in their early development phases.

Alien Worlds WAX
Source: R-Planet Twitter

Alien Worlds allows players to mine the in-game currency Trilium (TLM) and find digital assets along the way. Especially the distribution of digital assets has become an attraction. By investing time and using tools, players can find more (or better) assets to help them with their mining business.

The cheapest ones sell for a couple of cents, while the most expensive ones are listed for thousands of dollars on AtomicHub. 

Development studio Dacoco has plans to introduce competitive gameplay soon as well, while a mechanism called ‘shining’ will be introduced on January 25th.

This will allow players to combine four identical cards into an improved, rarer version. Without a doubt, these developments will increase market activity for Alien Worlds.

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