Aavegotchi Rewards Real Fans by Replacing Airdrops with Playdrops

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Aavegotchi searches for a solution to the inherent problems of NFT airdrops

The crypto collectible game Aavegotchi has debuted a new twist on the concept of airdrops. They are replacing the old system of token and asset distribution with a new one called playdrops which launches its alpha version on March 31st.

Every new invention represents first a solution, and then a problem. Take the case of airdrops. They resolved the issue of how to deliver NFTs to the accounts and wallets of people who needed and deserved them. But soon enough, clever people found a way of gaming the system to tilt the rewards in their direction.

Over at Aavegotchi, with their team of programmers, engineers and problem solvers, they’ve devised a solution: playdrops.

Aavegotchi Twitter post

Aavegotchi’s playdrops do away with pre-mining and asset allocations that favor founders and VCs. Pre-mining is a way for early investors to get their hands on tokens and assets before everyone else can. They dilute the value of the outstanding tokens, thus making everyone else worse off.

Aavegotchi’s developers also promise a token launch in which everyone will have a fair chance of taking part. And the tokens that people receive will ‘hold actual utility’, as opposed to some airdrops that are nothing more than marketing stunts. So it looks like playdrops differ from airdrops in their underpinning principles, but what are the practicalities of a playdrop?

As the word ‘play’ suggests, users need to actually play in order to receive Gotchus Alchemica, the four in-game assets. These assets are called FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK. And they’ll be spawning across the surface of Aavegotchi’s map every few minutes. This means gamers have to game if they want rewards. There are no handouts here!

Aavegotchi’s alpha launch

The long-awaited Gotchiverse alpha is launching on March 31st and runs until April 30th. Until now, Aavegotchi was a GameFi platform where players could stake incoming-generating assets called aTokens. With this launch, the Gotchiverse will open up for users to farm, socialize, battle and explore with their fellow GotchiGang members. In the run-up to the launch, the number of first-time Gotchi owners has spiked violently.

Source: Shigeru Gotchimoto on Twitter

And as demand outstrips supply, the price of a Gotchi will rise. In the most recent 24-hour period, the NFT avatars have been selling for thousands of dollars. One buyer even bought one for $24,240.

DappRadar analytics

Aavegotchi’s position at number seven in the DappRadar rankings page for Polygon gaming also highlights the popularity of the game in comparison to similar competitors. The table below shows the dapp’s performance over the past seven days. We can see the number of unique active wallets interacting with the platform has increased slightly by 1.77% to 2,120.

DappRadar Polygon game rankings

Here at DappRadar, we’ll be keeping an eye on Aavegotchi’s on-chain activity in the run-up to the alpha launch on March 31st. Make sure you stay with the story by following our coverage on the DappRadar blog.

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