Aavegotchi Launches NFT Play-to-Earn Rarity Farming

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Pet, Equip, Vote, Earn and Repeat

Aavegotchi now allows players and collectors to dive into play-to-earn game mechanics and earn NFTs through their latest feature: Rarity Farming. Aavegotchi, the DeFi-enabled crypto collectibles game that runs on Polygon Network, has disclosed the full details of Rarity Farming Season 1, its first play-to-earn event scheduled to launch on April 20th.

Boasting a rewards pool of over $2 million worth of GHST tokens, the event will run for eight weeks, divided into four rounds. The rewards pool comes from NFT sales. Forty percent of all GHST revenue from primary NFT sales automatically transfers to a dedicated player-rewards smart contract.

Rarity Farming rewards Aavegotchis and the users holding them. The rewards incentivize being active with your Aavegotchi. These Aavegotchis aren’t static NFTs, they need affection! Because the game is live on the Polygon sidechain, users can pet their Aavegotchi with simple Metamask transactions. Players can also equip multiple NFT wearables to their Aavegotchi, boosting their score.

In addition players can earn experience points (XP) for their gotchis by being active within the online community. This is why the first season of Rarity Farming distributes GHST tokens as reward across three distinct categories: Rarity Score (70%), Kinship Score (20%), and Experience Score (10%).  

Three leaderboards to climb

An Aavegotchi’s Rarity Score is determined by its randomly generated traits and the additional points Rarity Farmers get from equipping wearables and sets of different rarity. If the wearables match the traits of the Gothchi equipping them, it earns extra rarity points.

In turn players can boost the Kinship Score by petting their Aavegotchi once every twelve hours, or feeding it special kinship potions. That’s where the play-to-earn mechanics for Aavegotchi come into play. A happy Aavegotchi is a good farming Aavegotchi! Be aware that 24 hours of neglect results in a -1 deduction, while Gotchis whose Kinship level drops below 40 start frowning!

Finally, the main way to increase your Experience Score (apart from using XP potions) is to be active in the community. For example, you can participate in Aavegotchi’s DAO core votes on Snapshot, join live events, or do volunteer work in the Aavegotchi Discord by helping out newer users. 

Every Aavegotchi holder automatically enters the competition. To win, you simply need to see your Aavegotchi climb all three leaderboards. The stakes are considerably high: the number one Aavegotchi by Rarity Score, for instance, will earn up to 95,000 GHST, or over $117,000 USD.

Almost every Gotchi can win rewards

Given that the reward curve has been extended to 5,000 Aavegotchis, the vast majority of users can win a reward. As of publication, there have been just under 6,000 Aavegotchis summoned. While all 10,000 Portals from Haunt 1 sold out in under a minute, there won’t be another Haunt before Rarity Farming Season 1 starts. The community voted for this through a DAO decision. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t farm some GHST.

Before you start your play-to-earn adventure with Aavegotchi, you will need some NFTs. Players sell lots of Portals (both opened and closed), summoned Aavegotchis and Wearables in the Baazaar, the game’s secondary marketplace. Here you can purchase anything you like right away and start ascending the Rarity and Kinship leaderboards.

Among the top NFT sales in recent days, according to data from DappRadar, several unopened portals have been sold. Unopened Portal 156 sold for $102,200, while number 145 changed owners for $89,050. In the past 30 days the Aavegotchi community has traded $8.4 million in value over 22,718 sales. This makes it the 7th most valuable dapp on the blockchain.

As for the Experience score, there will be events hosted throughout the Season, where your Aavegotchis can earn XP. As a result your chances to score high in that leaderboard are still considerably high.

Remember that almost every existing Aavegotchi qualifies for Season 1 rewards, so it’s not too late to go down the rabbit hole and experience this new fun form of farming! The easiest way to get started is by chasing the available Aavegotchis and Portals in the Baazaar NFT Marketplace at Aavegotchi.com. 

Learn more about Aavegotchi visiting the thorough wiki.aavegotchi.com and joining the very active Discord or Telegram.

We are nakey! Plz help us get equipped for farming, frens!

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