Aavegotchi Launches Gotchiverse on March 31

Aavegotchi Launches Gotchiverse on March 31
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The Gotchiverse will be the virtual gaming ground for all Aavegotchi NFTs

The Aavegotchi team has announced a release date for the much anticipated Gotchiverse virtual world. The official launch of the 3D virtual gaming space will take palace on March 31st. With the launch of Gotchiverse, Aavegotchi collectors will get even more play-to-earn opportunities. Most importantly, this will be a shared virtual space for all Gotchi fans. 

According to the official announcement, the new platform will bring new gameplay and numerous interactive avenues for players to communicate with each other. What is more, the Gothciverse will give yet another use case for Aavegotchi NFTs, which will become playable characters in the virtual environment. 

Impressively, the Gotchiverse virtual world takes on an important goal. According to Jesse Johnson, COO of Pixelcraft, the game studio creating Gotchiverse, the platform revolutionizes the online gaming sector.

Aavegotchi brings players together

The revolutionary factor in the way Gotchiverse works comes from simultaneously showing the same environment to all players. While traditionally, virtual worlds rely on showing each player a copy of the environment to avoid unnecessary strain on the network, Gotchiverse will circumvent this practice. 

Instead, the platform will be supported by hundreds of servers worldwide, so that all players who enter Gothciverse are actually shown the same version of the game. Importantly, this structure will support the gameplay in Gotchiverse. 

One of the game modes in the new virtual world will resemble a Pac-man type of map, allowing players to collect NFT resources along the way. Simultaneous play will ensure no disputes over which player “caught” an item first. This technology will also offer the ultimate environment for the Aavegotchi community to engage with each other in the same space. 

Land in the Gotchiverse

In true metaverse fashion, the Gotchiverse virtual world would not have been complete without the prospect of owning land. Alongside the completely new gameplay, Aavegtochi is introducing a set of four new resources. FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK will be gathered throughout gameplay and used to decorate and customize land plots in the Gotchiverse.

Additionally, these resources will allow players to craft useful in-game tools, further boosting their performance in the Gotchiverse. For the moment, there is no more information regarding the land-owning aspect of the Aavegotchi virtual world. However, as March 31st approaches fast, the team will be releasing more details about the platform. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring Aavegotchi as the community buzzes with anticipation to start exploring the Gotchiverse. Check out the useful links below to prepare yourself and learn more about Aavegotchi. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to learn the latest Aavegotchi news first.

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