Aavegotchi Launches 12,000 Much Wanted NFT Ghosts

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Bidding war for pixel ghosts starts on August 29th with Haunt 2

Aavegotchi, a Polygon-based play-to-earn game with DeFi functionalities, has announced that they will do a huge character drop on August 29th. During Haunt 2 a collection of 12,000 new NFT characters will become available.

In an effort to make the game more accessible to a wider audience, Aavegotchi introduced the idea to launch a second generation of Aavegotchi Portals. As a decentralized autonomous organization, the decision was put to a vote, and the Aavegotchi community voted in favor of the idea. This is an incredible feat, as traditionally, scarcity is a leading concept for NFT collectors. However, in this case, the Aavegotchi DAO decided to allow more players to enjoy the game by introducing Haunt 2. 

The Haunt 2 drop will include a collection of 12,000 new Aavegotchi characters, as well as 36 new wearables of varying rarity levels. Portals allow players to summon Ghost Babies, which then become the in-game characters. There is no way to play Aavegotchi if you don’t own a Ghost. Considering this, the launch of Haunt 2 will considerably increase the exposure the game can have.

Aavegotchi partners with GBM

In order to make the drop as fair as possible, Aavegotchi partnered up with GBM, a proprietary auction system. GBM offers an innovative bid-to-earn mechanic, allowing players to bid for Aavegotchi Portals, and earn a portion of the bid if someone makes a better offer. The higher your own bid goes over the previous one, the more you can earn when you’re overbid.

The DAO decided to auction off 80% of all Portals through GBM, while the remaining 20% will be distributed through a Drop Ticket Raffle. In order to participate in the bid-to-earn auction, Aavegotchi players will need GHST tokens. You can easily acquire some GHST tokens via the DappRadar Token Swap.

The Haunt 2 auction will be the biggest NFT auction GBM has hosted to date. There will be 9,600 Portals available during the auction which means many opportunities to benefit from the bid-to-earn mechanics. 

New Gotchi characteristics

With Haunt 2, Gotchis will receive a bunch of new traits and characteristics. All Haunt 1 characters also had unique mythical eyes. These designs that players have grown familiar with will remain available with Gen 1 Gotchis.


Haunt 2 characters will have completely revamped mythical eye shapes. These designs will span across all rarity levels, though both mythical high and mythical low eye shapes.

DappRadar will continue monitoring Aavegotchi’s development, and we cannot be more excited for Haunt 2. Considering the innovative bid-to-earn approach the DAO chose for this drop, we are bound to see some increased activity for the game towards the end of the month. Stay tuned!

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