Aavegotchi Community Voted for 15,000 New Gotchi NFTs

90% supported the summoning of new pixel ghosts through The Haunt 2

Aavegotchi, a popular Polygon-based game, and NFT collection, has announced that it will release a second generation of Aavegotchi characters. Haunt 2 will introduce 15,000 new characters to the collection, alongside three new collateral opportunities. 

As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Aavegotchi relies on its community for making major decisions about the game. In this case, the team released a Signal Proposal outlining the idea of releasing additional Haunt portals and new Aavegotchis. According to the proposal, the main motivation behind the new release is to limit the prohibitive nature Aavegotchi currently suffers from. 

Because of the limited number of Haunt portals (only 10,000 at the moment), acquiring a first-generation Aavegotchi has become rather hard. While scarcity is good for price accumulation, it limits the number of players. The team proposed the creation of an additional 15,000 Aavegotchis and the corresponding Haunt 2 portals to solve this problem. 

This is a rather community-centric proposal, as it strays away from simply trying to boost the price of Aavegotchi NFTs. Instead, the team is focusing on bringing the Aavegotchi experience to as many people as possible. According to the proposal:

“[Aavegotchi’s] vision is for far wider adoption of playable NFTs, and the first step to achieving that means leaving the scarcity memes behind and focusing on being able to offer meaningfully unique experiences to more people.”


What’s next for Aavegotchi?

With the announcement of a whole new generation of Gotchis, the game is bound to see an increase in activity. Not only that, the native GHST token will benefit immensely from the rise in active users.

Aavgotchi has also announced that the development team is launching a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with Gotchiverse Realms. The most notable feature of the MMOPRG will be its earning mechanics, which is where the GHST token takes center stage. Gotchiverse should launch towards the end of this year. Plot sales, or REALM parcel sales, are expected to go live by Q4 2021. 

Another interesting concept Aavegothi pushes is the bid-to-earn model. When Haunt 2 Gotchis launch, players will have the opportunity to bid for them in an auction. However, the interesting turn here is that everyone wins some GHST tokens when someone else outbids them. This is a rather revolutionary approach to NFT distribution and marketing, and people seem to be having a lot of fun with it. Aavegothi has already hosted a bid-to-earn event, and the response from the community on social media has been great.

DappRadar is excited to follow the development of the Aavegotchi universe, and we’ll keep monitoring developments surrounding the Gotchis. If you’re curious to start playing and get a Gotchi yourself, visit our token swap, grab yourself some GHST tokens and start playing. 

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