9 Things We Learnt From the Mirandus AMA

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The Mirandus development team held an in-depth AMA with plenty of revealing answers

The upcoming MMORPG Mirandus is one of the most anticipated blockchain games, and Gala Games did an elaborate AMA this week. They revealed various details about the game world, the game characters and gameplay. 

Mirandus is making noise as one of Gala Games’ most exciting titles in its long list of popular franchises. There’s plenty of hype around this fantasy MMO despite it still being a long way from a beta version. So now is the time to accumulate items, purchase Materium and level up your Exemplar to get ahead of the pack.

  1. The World of Mirandus exists on one server where everyone interacts and plays together. The Mirandus team is doing loads of work at the moment to improve any lag for people playing together but from different parts of the real world. It should become possible for players from Germany and Japan to play together without serious lag or delay. 
  1. Exemplars. These in-game avatars come in both genders and with different physical traits. No matter what the class of your Examplar, you can choose if it’s male or female, and decide how you want it to look. If and when you sell your Exemplar on the open market, you will be selling it at the level and with the stats that you have attained. You do of course keep any items your Exemplar has been using, as these are separate NFTs.
  1. Player Stat mechanics will be updated and improved. The five basic stats are: Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Focus and Vitality. The team will introduce both health and energy bars. Your health bar does what it says on the tin. All actions in the game require energy. But crafting and performing magic requires something extra: Materium. It’s the Mirandus native token and is often stylized as MTRM.
  1. Tokenomics and inflation. Users will be able to farm the in-game token Materium inside the Mirandus world. Because players need so much Materium to play the game, demand should always outstrip supply. Casting spells, crafting legendary weapons and respawning in the graveyard all require this mysterious material and players can find it, earn it, chance upon it or buy it. The market dictates prices, so be aware that things can get expensive. Gala Games has no control over inflation and we can already see on secondary marketplaces that some items are going for high prices.
  1. Playtest. The next one takes place from June 6th to June 8th. This is the same time as the GalaVerse event, but it will not be at the GalaVerse. This is because the team wants as many people as possible to play Mirandus. The playtest will be inside a 350×350 meter play area and users will be able to shoot arrows at a goblin. The goblin will not be interactive and won’t offer you much fun. But remember, it’s a test.
  1. Gameplay. Mining is dangerous and mobs of people move like packs in the wild. Apparently the Mirandus team has been studying footage of primates in the wild to mimic how they move in groups and have translated this motion into the game. Playing as part of a group is also important in mining, where the sound of a striking pickaxe can attract threats to your location. Small details like this should make an engrossing world.
  1. Boats. Think of these as the horses of the sea. Boats are already available to buy on the Gala Store and secondary markets. They range in size from your river-faring canoes to huge warships that carry you across the ocean.
  1. The Graveyard could prove to be prime real estate inside the Mirandus game. This is because players are given two respawn options: you can either lose experience and mastery points to come back to life; or you can pay Materium, regenerate in the graveyard, and receive no debuffs. For this reason, the graveyard will see plenty of footfall and could turn out to be a lucrative piece of property.
  1. Known Unknowns. There are still plenty of decisions to be settled. Mirandus developers have said GALA Power will probably be integrated into the game, but are not sure how yet. The same goes for the VOX Mirandus Collectibles. People are trading those on the secondary markets with a floor price of 0.65 ETH, but we don’t know yet how Mirandus will utilize them in-game. One thing we do know is that a Human Alchemist Exemplar will need a corresponding VOX in order to receive a certain buff.
Mirandus AMA

What is Mirandus?

Mirandus is a title in Gala Games’ ever-expanding list of franchises. It’s a fantasy MMORPG that taps into blockchain technology. Earlier this year the team introduced MTRM, the native currency for the ecosystem. In the game world players can own camps, villages and citadels. Each of them NFTs on the blockchain.

Furthermore, in those player-owned towns and villages other gamers can set up a business. Players can run an armory, which needs wood from the local lumberjack and metal from the blacksmith. Again, each business requires an NFT, which serves as a license. Mirandus aims to become a living world where economy, conflict and adventure all go hand-in-hand.

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