$8.2 Million Volume for Game-oriented ComethSwap Exchange

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Polygon blockchain seeing more activity.

ComethSwap has made an impressive debut on the Polygon blockchain with almost 600 active wallets and more than $8.2 million in volume. The trading platform launched on Monday and is part of the DeFi game Cometh. 

In terms of active wallets, ComethSwap has already become the fifth most popular dapp in the Polygon ecosystem, according to data from DappRadar. However, compared to QuickSwap – another decentralized exchange on the Polygon blockchain – it’s still a very small platform. In comparison, QuickSwap attracts more than 5,000 users per week.

Source: DappRadar

While QuickSwap is aimed at a broader ecosystem, ComethSwap has a clear focus. The new trading platform supports the Cometh ecosystem. Cometh is a game with strong DeFi elements, in which players need to catch meteors using their spaceships. The quality of their spaceship, their skills, and the meteor itself, determines the amount of MUST the player can harvest. 

Cometh updates and partnerships

In recent days Cometh has increased the scope of their game. They introduced three different solar systems, each of them three times the size of their original galaxy. The influx of new players forces them to innovate. In addition, the team has partnered with BadgerDAO. This bitcoin-oriented DeFi protocol will now bring a part of the BTC economy onto the Polygon blockchain through ComethSwap and special branded Badger spaceships for Cometh. 

In addition, Cometh introduced a rental system. These spaceships can become pretty pricey, but players can now rent spaceships from each other. The lenders can set a fee for borrowing, but also set a revenue share on the earnings. This adds another economical layer to the already economy-heavy space game.

Polygon becoming more active

Even though Polygon, previously known as Matic, has been around for some months now, it only recently started gaining popularity. More dapps are moving over from Ethereum to Polygon to stay away from the high gas fees. Technically this transition is relatively easy because both networks are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). 

Cometh is one of the projects that switched to Polygon. With Aavegotchi another DeFi gaming project switched in February. Furthermore projects like Decentral Games, Chain Games, and Blockchain Cuties Universe also gain traction on the sidechain solution. Each of these projects has seen its active user wallets grow in the past 30 days from 130% up to 460%. 

Polygon’s native MATIC token is up 109 percent in the past 30 days according to Coingecko, while the token is up 2700% over the past year.

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