Cometh Becomes Number 1 NFT Blockchain Game

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Over $300k transaction volume in 24hours

In the last 24 hours Cometh, an Ethereum game due to officially launch on February 8th that forges gaming and DeFi has shot to the top of the DappRadar game chart. As interested gamers begin to prepare their armada of spaceships, Cometh has generated over $322k in transaction volume and over 70 unique active wallets at the time of writing. 

Looking comparatively across the top five blockchain games in the last 24 hours Cometh’s huge lead becomes more obvious regarding transaction volume. The combined transaction volume of the other four blockchain games doesn’t even add up to half of Cometh’s volume. 

NFTs are enjoying a steady hype period right now and interestingly, the top blockchain games in the last 24 hours all have NFT elements included within their core gameplay. 

Source: DappRadar

Cometh has generated a total volume of over $878k in the last 7-days, losing out only to the popular NFT football card game Sorare

Source: DappRadar

What is Cometh? 

In short, Cometh is a DeFi powered spaceship game with yield generating NFTs. More specifically, Cometh is a strategy game where players can win tokens that can then be utilized within the DeFi ecosystem.

The goal is to position the spaceship close to the asteroids when they pass by. When you are close enough, you can mine tokens. The better the ship, the more tokens you can earn.

First play with Jon Jordan

The creation of new asteroids is a decentralized process left to the Cometh Generator that is simply a smart contract that can collect all manner of Ethereum based assets such as ERC-20 tokens, including liquidity pool shares of a decentralized exchange, and ETH.

Once a threshold of accumulated tokens is reached, anyone can call the Cometh Generator and trigger the deployment of a new smart asteroid. 

As previously mentioned, as a player, you control spaceships sometimes referred to as ‘astrominers’ and they orbit around asteroids. In the game, the spaceships are vessels capable of mining asteroids. On the blockchain, spaceships are represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The MUST Token

MUST is a token used to price in-game mechanisms and can also be staked to redeem more spaceships. Players who wish to acquire the token can purchase it on Uniswap. Those who own MUST and provide liquidity to the ETH/MUST pool will earn more tokens as a reward.

Alongside the release of the first version of the game on February 8th, 2021, Cometh will also launch a decentralized exchange in the style of Uniswap (Comethswap). This will handle the exchanges between ERC20, ERC721, and ETH between the Ethereum mainnet and layer 2.

Comethswap will open with several token pairs with MUST and their respective liquidity pool tokens will be transferred to in-game asteroids, where the players can mine them with their NFT spaceships.

NFT Spaceships 

NFT Ships are available to buy and trade on OpenSea now with the added kicker of 30% cashback for every new spaceship purchased. The average price is currently stated as 0.4 ETH but we already see that ships are being listed above that value.  

Cometh will officially launch on Monday 8th February.

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