600,000 Accounts Have Registered with Axie Infinity Origin

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Axie Infinity Origin rolled out a phased advancement plan to onboard more users

According to Axie Infinity’s official post, the play-to-earn giant’s latest version, Axie Infinity Origin has seen over 600,000 registered accounts joining. The team also unveiled a series of advancement plans, which aim to onboard users smoothly. 


  • Axie Infinity on Ronin has generated $4.23 billion in NFT sales from more than 2.1 million traders. 
  • The number one play-to-earn dapp has launched its latest version called Axie Infinity Origin, featuring brand new Match-Making Ranking (MMR), free Axies, Runes / Charms power-ups, and more.
  • The team rolled out advancement plans which upgrade the gaming ecosystem stage by stage, reducing the players’ onboarding friction as much as possible.
  • With DappRadar’s tracking tool, users can keep up with the latest from Axie Infinity and everything else in the play-to-earn world.

Axie Infinity Origin is already here

Axie Infinity (AXS) is arguably one of the most successful play-to-earn games in the NFT frenzy. According to DappRadar, the total value of NFTs sold on Axie Infinity reached $4.23 billion, with more than 2.1 million traders. 

Check out DappRadar´s Special Report about Axie Infinity. 

Originally on Ethereum, the rapid growth of the Axie Infinity resulted in expensive gas fees due to the Ethereum network’s low throughput. So the team behind Axie decided to create a sidechain network, Ronin, to tackle the pricey transaction fees, and instead, give users a better gaming experience. 

Axie Infinity Origin, or Axie Battle V3, went live in Alpha on April 7. The team re-created the battle system from scratch for this latest version. It promises to be more fun, engaging, and with better visuals.

 In addition, it features a brand new Match-Making Ranking (MMR), free Axies to start, Runes and Charms as power-ups, and more. Plus, the team introduced a series of advancement plans to help users get used to the new gameplay.  

Everything you should know before the global launch

Origin is still in its infancy. Therefore, the rollout of the advancement plans aims to collect valuable player feedback to make the necessary changes before the global release. A snapshot of the phases is as follows.

  • Phase 1 (the current phase) mainly performs the update of the balance. The new balance adds more competitiveness to the gameplay and ultimately makes the game more exciting. See the full update here.
  • Phase 2 will take place in July, a good time for players to experience the in-game progression system. This phase aims to ensure that the crafting mechanic works without any bugs or exploits. After that, a full in-game reset of MMR, Moonshards, and Runes/Charms will happen.
  • Phase 3 is when the team removes SLP (the in-game token) rewards from V2, moves SLP rewards to Origin, and introduces the SLP burning mechanism. 
  • Phase 4 will welcome the arrival of the official Global Launch Season 1.

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Players can click here for a detailed introduction to the phased plan.

Keep up with Axie and P2E using DappRadar

As Axie Infinity’s ecosystem expands further, DappRadar will continue monitoring the game’s latest news. In addition, DappRadar tracks the activities on Axie Infinity in an almost real-time manner, providing actionable data such as the number of unique on-chain users, transactions, volumes, and more. 

The game itself only requires blockchain transactions when users claim rewards or buy new NFTs. Sky Mavis, endeavors to push their gaming dapp towards the mainstream market with the introduction of Free Axies. 

As we can see, the landscape of play-to-earn continues to evolve and becomes much more diverse. Fortunately, users can easily find the hottest game dapps on DappRadar’s Ranking page and get a comprehensive overview of their gameplay and unique features.

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