6 Things You Need to Know About Axie Infinity Land Alpha

6 Things You Need to Know About Axie Infinity Land Alpha
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New details and exciting updates revealed regarding the hugely anticipated Axie land features

Axie Infinity land is one aspect of the game that has generated millions in trading volume, but still has zero utility in the game itself. Sky Mavis has not forgotten about it. In a recent Q&A session game product lead Philip La shed some light on what gamers and landowners can expect. Read on to find the six most important aspects of land gameplay in the upcoming Age of Pioneers Alpha release. 


Axie land NFTs have been on the market for years now, some generating million-dollar sales along the way. While Sky Mavis had initially teased an alpha release for the end of 2021, they delayed those plans. One of the main reasons for the delay is the fact that designers still have to transform all Axies into 3D characters. This takes more time than expected.

Still, according to Philip La, the Axie Infinity: Age of Pioneers Alpha launch should happen towards the end of this year. In a detailed Q&A session, he shed light on what Sky Mavis is currently working on. He also revealed some juicy details about the upcoming release. 

Things you need to know about Axie Infinity: Age of Pioneers

Age of Pioneers will be available only to Axie land NFT holders

Land gameplay is one of the most anticipated updates that the Axie community is eagerly awaiting. Unfortunately, players who don’t own land will not be able to participate in the Alpha launch. It will be available only to landowners. Still, there’s plenty of time before the release, so interested players can purchase land beforehand. This brings us to the second important detail – land location matters. 

Land location is important for resource delivery times

Much like any virtual world, land plots in Axie infinity are placed in different regions which coincide with different rarities. Importantly, land location will also play a role in the exchange of goods, resources, and items between players. Sky Mavis plans to incorporate a distance-based delivery system. It will calculate the time needed for a transaction to take place based on the location of the players who are trading. In this sense, if a player decides to exchange resources with a neighbor the transaction will happen fast. On the other hand, if they trade with someone on the other side of Lunacia the transaction might take a while. 

Resources will play a key role in the Axie Infinity land gameplay

One of the main features of land NFTs in the new Age of Pioneers release will be to allow players to gather items and resources. These resources will then be used to power non-player characters (NPCs) who will face monsters and battle them. Importantly, the rarer your land plot is, the more buffs you get when foraging for resources. 

No Axie NFTs, NPCs will battle instead of players

During the Alpha release of the Axie Infinity land gameplay, players won’t be able to use their Axie NFTs. Instead, all battles will be performed by NPCs. However, there will still be a competitive element in the game. The more resources you give to your NPCs, the higher up they’ll rank in the battle leaderboard. Importantly, for the alpha release, Sky Mavis will not incorporate any in-game token mechanics including AXS or SLP. 

Land items will be cosmetically available, but won’t bring buffs

One of the main entertainment value points in the alpha release will come from building up your plot. Especially enriching it with buildings, structures, and items. While the overall idea of these activities is to bring boosts to your land and its resource production capabilities, buffs won’t be available during the alpha release. Still, players will get a chance to customize their plot and make it their own in preparation for the official launch. 

Axie Infinity land gameplay alpha foundation

Last but not least, one of the most important details to note is that as an alpha version this release will serve as a foundation for further development. In this sense, it will only be available on desktop, and players are encouraged to send feedback to Sky Mavis regarding any bugs, problems or general suggestions. Furthermore, this early version of land gameplay should not be considered a final product.

Future plans for Axie Infinity land

As a project in its very early stage of development, there are plenty of opportunities for Axie Infinity land to develop and grow. According to Philip La, one of the key focus points for Sky Mavis right now is to have transparent communication with players and receive as much feedback on the alpha release as possible. 

Of course, as alpha launches and the game finds a solid foundation new features will be rolled out. The one most players are waiting to hear about is play-to-earn mechanics. For the moment, there is no clear deadline on when such mechanics will be introduced to land gameplay. However, Philip La revealed that the earning mechanisms will involve AXS and not SLP, as is the case with the battle gaming mode that is currently available. There is a tentative expectation that AXS earning will be introduced in land gameplay in early 2023, however, this is not set in stone for the moment. 

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