5 Play-to-Earn Games on Wax Step into the Spotlight

5 Play-to-Earn Games on Wax Step into the Spotlight

Wax hosts some of the most successful play-to-earn platforms to date, but rising stars are also on the horizon

Play-to-earn games are steadily finding new audiences, and the Wax blockchain has proven to be a suitable host for such projects. In this article, we take a look at five promising Wax-based play-to-earn games which are aiming for the top spot in gaming rankings. 

As the blockchain space sets out on new paths in 2022, the play-to-earn movement continues to gain traction. The positive trend observed in the second half of 2021 is going strong in the first weeks of the new year. With a bright eye on the future, these five projects have shown impressive results recently, and are on their way to becoming the next big hits in the Wax gaming scene. Without further ado, here are five play-to-earn games on Wax to check out in 2022. 

Play-to-earn games on Wax to check out now

Office Land allows players to create their very own business, and build it from the ground up. Hire staff in the form of various NFT characters, and employ them to make your business as successful as possible. 

The platform is powered by the native OCOIN. Business owners give tasks to their NFT employees and receive OCOIN rewards when the tasks are completed. Employee NFTs come in six different rarities, with the rarest ones offering the fastest task-completion time and the highest rewards. 

BlockchainRPG is a hunting-based Role-Playing Game (RPG) that allows adventurers to hunt in a variety of unique hunting grounds to find wealth in the form of the platform’s native token GOLD. 

Additionally, players can search for treasures such as materials for crafting or items they can equip their characters with. These items increase the character stats and allow players to hunt more efficiently, thus boosting their GOLD earning opportunities. Importantly, players should keep an eye on their health points. The more they explore the BlockchainRPG universe, the more their health worsens. 

Dragon Valley is a cute Wax-based card battling game, which allows players to hatch their own dragon and face trolls to win rewards. Rewards come in the platform’s native token Dragons Magic Dust (DMD). Dragon Valley gives players the opportunity to train their dragon new skills, equip items, and boost their rewards potential. 

There are several different types of dragon eggs, all coming with various hatching rates and subsequent abilities. This allows players to have diversity in their playing team, and in the battle strategy, they can use against trolls. Dragon Valley also incorporates the Dragons Valley Gem (DVG) token, which allows players to purchase additional hatching slots, and recharge energy slots to battle more often. 

Immersys brings the metaverse and virtual world hype to the Wax blockchain. Created to deliver an immersive virtual experience, this platform allows players to enjoy a full range of blockchain-based functions. From trading NFT and digital assets to benefiting from a cryptocurrency-based in-game economy. 

The Immersys virtual world relies heavily on NFTs as a method for verification. NFTs can open up restricted areas of the world, grant access to exclusive events and content. Importantly, Immersys aims to create a self-sufficient creative environment where artists and fans can collaborate and interact via the Wax blockchain. 

Last but not least we have CryptoBrewMaster, a Wax-based beer brewing game. This game also exists on the Hive blockchain, but now hopes to find a bigger audience on Wax. Collect various ingredients (in the form of NFTs) and brew the best beer possible. Enter brewing competitions and win rewards in the native CBM token.

Importantly, the platform also uses the ASH token as an in-game currency. ASH allows you to rent brewing equipment, or enter brewing master classes in the Lecture hall. CryptoBrewMaster presents players with a fun and interactive way to learn and experiment with beer-making techniques and styles. What’s more, all assets in the game are presented as Wax-based NFTs. Players can trade them on secondary marketplaces like Atomic Market. 

Wax is becoming a gaming hub

The Wax blockchain has long been the home of the mining game Alien Worlds. This is probably the most recognizable play-to-earn mining games across all protocols, often reaching the DappRadar Top Games number one spot. 

However, as the play-to-earn movement advances, Wax is attracting more and more developers. Wax offers lightning-fast transactions and the incredibly accessible Wax cloud wallet integration. This makes the protocol extremely suitable for hosting gaming dapps. Additionally, the already developed ecosystem of supporting dapps like Atomic Hub and Atomic Market allow players to easily trade and purchase in-game assets for numerous Wax-based games. 

DappRadar will continue keeping an eye on Wax, as more play-to-earn games join the protocol. If you want to get the most up-to-date blockchain data as well, check out DappRadar PRO. It also gives you access to exclusive NFT-focused Discord channels and discussions. 

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