5 Metaverse Game Worlds to Look Forward to in 2022

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Get prepared for the five most anticipated metaverse worlds

This year there are dozens of metaverse worlds to release, but in this article, we keep our eyes on these 5 upcoming metaverse game worlds: Ertha, Wizardia, Illuvium, Star Atlas, and Moon.Each of them leverages NFTs and play-to-earn mechanics in a different way, so let’s find out and learn more.

This week, the Hong Kong-based banking giant HSBC follows JP Morgan joining the metaverse. From a buzzword to a potential trillion dollar market, the metaverse isn’t precisely defined yet, but it’s already happening. The metaverse will become a setting where people share experiences, create memories, learn, earn, socialize and build a reputation.

It is generally accepted that the metaverse will not have only one virtual world. Indeed, many immersive worlds filled with different elements are already evolving. In this article, we’ll explore 5 upcoming metaverse game worlds that will be released in 2022.

Ertha – explore & expand

According to CryptoRank, the ERTHA token has been the top 10 most searched play-to-earn tokens for a few months. Players’ hot anticipation for the game seems evident.

Ertha is a play-to-earn game with post-apocalyptic storytelling. Players must right the wrongs of the past by building a new world from the ground up. Traversing the globe, developing revenue-generating land plots, and rebuilding entire continents are just part of the gameplay. Most importantly, the game allows players to turn their in-game earnings into real-world income thanks to its play-to-earn mechanics.

Perfectly inheriting the DNA classic MMO and strategy games, Ertha offers players a complex and intricately designed playspace perfect for players’ ambitions to run governments, build economies, and establish alliances between its player base. Every player has the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy within this ever-evolving metaverse.

You will need to act quickly if you want to own your own piece of Ertha. Land on Ertha is scarce and being snapped up quickly, so head over to their globe to avoid missing out!

Wizardia – immersive journey 

Wizardia offers an immersive and artistic journey for game enthusiasts. The highly-anticipated play-to-earn game features a gorgeous visual design and an ecosystem where players can earn remunerative incomes. Wizardia came up with a dual-NFT ecosystem, in which Arena Genesis NFTs serve as the instrument for investors and early adopters to benefit from the in-game economy. More importantly, Arena Genesis NFTs holders can receive earnings without participating in the gameplay.

Since its reveal, Arena Genesis NFTs have caught players’ eyes with their stunning design. Apart from that, these NFTs will generate passive income for the holders from the moment of purchase. Specifically, Arena Genesis NFTs accrue royalties in two ways: through staking before the game’s launch and through receiving a portion of all transactions generated in the game’s battle Arena. 

Illuvium – open-world adventure

In the domain of RPG games, Illuvium is one of the most highly-anticipated. The game employs a play-to-earn model where players can earn ether if they win the battles. Illuvium aims to be the first blockchain-based AAA video game in the industry.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Illuvium presents players with a 3D open-world where they can search for and collect creatures known as Illuviums. Furthermore, players can use Illuvium to battle other players since they are NFTs; therefore, you can trade them for premium. If this is the goal, train your Illuviums to their highest level, fuse them, and sell them for higher values.

Star Atlas – Sci-Fi epic

Star Atlas is a Solana-based massive multiplayer metaverse. With a setting in the distant future, Star Atlas provides players with fantastic visual designs crafted by Unreal Engine 5.

In the vast sci-fi world of Star Atlas, players embark on an epic journey where they will have the opportunity to compete for resources and territory, influence the outcome of battles, and earn real-life rewards. It aims to achieve this by combining the blockchain with traditional game mechanics like combat, crafting, and guild wars.

Moon Metaverse – space-age simulation 

Moon is another exciting metaverse world that fulfills players’ space dreams. Inspired by traditional strategy games like Civilization and Age of Empires, this space-age play-to-earn metaverse promises gameplay fueled by economic benefits and social networking elements.

Building the first lunar colony is the core task for the player. To do so, players need to acquire NFT land plots on Moon’s brand-new marketplace. Please note that those land plots can not only demonstrate your ownership of the assets they can also generate revenue for you. On top of that, each lunar land plot grants access to a unique in-game economy in which players can start businesses, develop real estate, and create thriving communities. If you are a master of strategic planning, lunar land has the potential to generate significant real-world income in the form of the game’s native token.

If you are a space adventurer and look for games with play-to-earn perks, start your venture among the stars by buying your piece of the Moon today!

Final Thoughts

The metaverse journey just begins. It could be years away from the day when there are powerful, affordable, and comfortable metaverse-enabled gadgets that allow people to explore it immersively. However, the idea that it enables barrierless human interaction, creates a new business realm, and frees people from 5-9 office jobs is more than fascinating.

It is known to all that the ultimate metaverse is yet to arrive, but we should all get ready. Set out with the five worlds mentioned above, and let’s discover more.

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