5 Blockchain Ecosystems Getting Ready to Shine in 2022

5 Blockchain Ecosystems Getting Ready to Shine in 2022

Which will be the Solanas and Avalanches of the new year?

In 2021, we saw blockchain ecosystems like Solana and Avalanche experience humongous surges in both user base and token appreciation. In this article, we take a look at the new rising stars of the industry, which have the potential to shine in 2022. 

As the beginning of the new year is approaching, the crypto world is preparing to welcome the new rising stars, which will capture the attention of the community. Be it through sustainability pushes, or through rapidly developing dapp networks, these five blockchain ecosystems have the potential to revolutionize the industry in 2022. 

5 blockchain ecosystems to watch in 2022

Taking on the battle with climate change seriously, Algorand boasts one of the most eco-friendly ecosystems in the blockchain space. Impressively, Algorand’s native token ALGO kicked off the year at $0.20 and is now well into the $2 range. As a result, more and more developers are keen to build on its blockchain and help grow adoption.

Following the growing awareness towards sustainable blockchain operations, Algorand is well-positioned to attract both new developers and new capital. Currently, Algorand is already well on the way, using 0,000008 kWh per transaction based on a network of 4,000 validators. This is a  stark contrast to Bitcoin (930 kWh/txn) or Ethereum (70 kWh/txn), putting Algorand well in the lead in the sustainability race. Find out more about Algorand below:

In 2022 the power of the Polkadot ecosystem will finally be able to show how a network of interconnected blockchains can foster interoperability. As interconnectivity between chains and sidechains becomes a necessity, Polkadot is well-positioned to accommodate new applications that haven’t been possible until now. Thanks to the Kusama network of parachains, Polkadot creates a true ecosystem of blockchains and dapps.

Importantly, the Kusama network allows developers to launch dedicated blockchains, not only decentralized applications. This innovative approach to the blockchain industry is what puts Polkadot in the spotlight, giving it a competitive advantage in the space. Find out more about Polkadot below:

The NEAR ecosystem of dapps has seen tremendous growth in 2021. Dapps like NEARnames saw an uptick in activity following the now infamous ENS governance token airdrop. Additionally, NEAR also takes on the challenge to reverse the effects of climate change. With high speeds, low fees, and progressive UX, NEAR’s climate-neutral blockchain is ready for explosive growth.

With the rise in demand for web3 compatible services, NEAR is well-positioned to facilitate the infrastructure necessary for such dapps to be created. While still in its infancy in terms of dapp diversity, NEAR has all the prerequisites for a very successful 2022. Find out more about NEAR here:

The Harmony protocol is already showing the first signs of explosive growth towards the end of 2021. With successful dapps like DeFi Kingdoms and Viper Swap, Harmony offers a diverse ecosystem of services already. The ecosystem’s native token ONE token has also had an impressive run in 2021, reaching an all-time high of $0.37 in October. 

Thanks to an innovative random state sharding approach, Harmony facilitates impressively fast block creation and transaction processing speeds. This allows dapp developers to benefit from increased productivity, and better functionality. This combination of factors and the undeniable success of dapps like DeFi Kingdoms is already boosting Harmony’s performance, placing it at the forefront of innovation, and in the spotlight of success for 2022. Find out more about Harmony below:

Since its mainnet launch in April 2021, Immutable X has seen impressive growth and has attracted various games, NFT collections, marketplaces and other projects, including TikTok, OpenSea, Illuvium, ESL Gaming, and more.

Additionally, games like Gods Unchained already attract thousands of users to Immutable X each month. Importantly, as a Layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution, Immutable X has the potential to draw in a huge audience with its low-gas fee structure and fast processing times. With a promising list of already existing dapps, and an exciting selection of upcoming releases, Immutable X is attracting heaps of attention and expectations for 2022. Find out more about Immutable X below:

The blockchain industry is growing

What the blockchain industry as a whole saw in 2021 was stellar growth. NFTs took the stage in the summer, while the play-to-earn movement has captivated the attention of gamers worldwide towards the end of the year.

As the industry continues to expand, new protocols are surfacing and making attempts to further disrupt an already revolutionary space. Of course, there is no way to tell the future. However, these five blockchains have shown serious potential to be the next leaders in their respective fields. 

DappRadar will continue offering the most up-to-date blockchain data. We’ll be monitoring the whole industry as it steps into 2022 with a lot of excitement. To see a detailed overview of what happened in the blockchain space in 2021, check out DappRadar’s Yearly Industry Report. If you want to track the most detailed on-chain tracking data, try out DappRadar PRO. You can find all about it here. 

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