5 Best Play-to-Earn Games to Watch This October

5 play-to-earn games october

Game token launches, expansion packs, NFT drops, and land sales

The play-to-earn gaming space is growing rapidly, and we put focus on the best with this list of 5 play-to-earn games to watch this October. There are so many games coming out, it’s difficult to keep up. With this top 5 we put focus on the biggest projects in the play-to-earn gaming space.

When making this list, we find it important that the games already have some traction. The developers have already proven themselves with months or even years of development in their backpacks. Each of these play-to-earn games makes it into our October list because of ambition and reputation. Let’s take a look at the 5 best play-to-earn gaming projects to follow this month, presented in alphabetical order. 


Pixelcraft Studios has been working on Aavegotchi for quite some time, and launched their DeFi-infused collectible game in February. This October the team will pave the way for one of the next steps for these pixel ghosts, their own virtual universe. This October there will be a Gotchiverse land sale. A total of 20.000 REALM parcels will be sold through a raffle, and you can win raffle tickets by staking GHST tokens. In addition there’s a new Rarity Farming event coming, which means Aavegotchi will have plenty of time in the spotlight in the coming weeks.


We can describe Farsite as a space exploration game where players don’t have an end goal. They can conquer planets, open a repair service, gather resources, trade items, all in a vast universe filled with politics and conflict. We imagine it could become an MMO filled with stories, adventure and drama, almost similar to EVE Online. Anyway, this month Farsite will allow early NFT collectors to demolish their spaceships, get Credits in return, and then use those Credits to buy land on planets. It looks like Farsite will offer players their first steps towards space domination.


The trading card game Splinterlands hardly needs any introduction. This tactical card game on the Hive blockchain has become one of the biggest blockchain applications. It’s only outperformed by PancakeSwap when it comes to unique active wallets. The introduction of the SPS governance token brought a lot of attention. Now users need to stake their SPS to earn VOUCHER tickets. Gamers interested in buying the first card packs for the Chaos Legion expansion will need 1 voucher and $4 to buy one pack. We expect Splinterlands to keep making headlines in the months to come.

Star Atlas

We’re probably still far away from experiencing gameplay within the universe of Star Atlas, but their community is growing rapidly. This October the team will sell two more NFT spaceships, reveal player factions, and showcase the first game trailer. As if that’s not enough, the team revealed plans to allow players to buy NFT land parcels on planets. Face it, all galactic empires need a home planet. Star Atlas positions itself as a high-quality game powered by the Unreal Engine 5.0 graphics engine and the Solana blockchain. There’s still an awful lot to happen before Star Atlas sees the light of day, but these are the moments to become part of a growing galactic empire.

Town Star

The farming game Town Star already allows players to earn GALA tokens in weekly competitions. However, they now introduced a mechanic which allows every player to earn a share of the daily TOWN token airdrop. Complete your daily challenges, and you will be part of the airdrop. Owning certain NFTs will boost your earnings, while other NFTs will make it easier to complete the challenges. Town Star launched its token on October 5th, and this play-to-earn mechanic will completely revamp the game’s earning mechanics.

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