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Check out the top 10 most played blockchain games [06.03.20-12.03.20]

When entering the complex world of blockchain games one surefire way potential users and adopters can ensure a relatively good experience is to try a blockchain game that is already widely used.

The top 10 blockchain games are constantly shifting. The data offers a snapshot of the dapp game ecosystem at any given moment. Some dapps, as discussed in our recent game retention article, remain a steady constant, keeping users engaged and returning. Whilst others have flurries with stardom, but then quickly disappear.

Clocking up an impressive 36.3k over the last 7-days let’s take a look at the top 10 most used blockchain games this week.


Platform: NEO
Genre: Digital pet universe

NEOfish is a casual blockchain game where you can enjoy fishing, breeding, and mining. Fishbowls are required to mine FISH tokens and may be filled with fish owned by the player.

Fish are also unique, being made up of eight different genes. Different traits give fish different computing powers, with higher computing powers translating to greater mining returns when placed in a fishbowl.

Over the last 7-days, NEOFish accumulated 7,600 users.

EOS Dynasty

Platform: EOS
Genre: RPG

EOS Dynasty is one of the most successful RPG and PvP games on the blockchain. Players enhance their heroes through collecting materials, forging equipment and leveling up. 

Over the last 7-days, EOSDynasty accumulated 4,700 users.


Platform: TRON
Genre: Digital pet universe

CatPromotion is a game that runs on the TRON blockchain. Playera are able to buy, upgrade and collect all types of cats. Each cat can generate an income for the owner. The higher the cat’s overall ability, the higher the revenue it can generate.

Over the last 7-days, CatPromotion accumulated 4,200 users.


Platform: NEO
Genre: Sandbox/Virtual World

NEOLand is a multiplayer online virtual world that runs on blockchain. Here in the 3D virtual environment, players explore new frontiers, create skylines, pursue careers and build wealth, legends and legacies from scratch, just like in the real world.

Over the last 7-days, NEOLAND accumulated 4,000 users.

My Crypto Heroes

Platform: ETH
Genre: RPG

Despite being the most popular blockchain game during most of 2019, My Crypto Heroes isn’t the easiest game to play as it’s designed for a Japanese audience. So anyone interested in JRPGs should jump right in.

The developers of MCH, Double.Jump has been working hard in recent months to make the game more international. It also has a guest account, which you can use to experience the game without any payment, crypto or a wallet.

Over the last 7-days, My Crypto Heroes accumulated 3,700 users.


Platform: NEO
Genre: UGC Card Game

CardMaker is a free UGC card game, in which players can customize card attributes and create story modules. The game revolves around card strategy and players can make their own stories.

The game combines gameplay and finance characteristics and explores creativity and token mining at the same time. In the future, CardMaker aims to connect the game to a larger market and more conventional platforms, such as Steam.

Over the last 7-days, CardMaker accumulated 3,000 users.


Platform: WAX | EOS
Genre: MMOG

The first MMOG on EOS and WAX, Prospectors is a real-time economic strategy game with a fully user-generated economy. Prices for in-game goods and services are determined based on supply and demand, making the Prospectors economy equivalent to an economy during the Gold Rush. 

Enter a time when rumors had spread about the uninhabited Northern lands, rich in gold deposits. Caravans of gold miners headed northwards, taking families and abandoning their shanty homes. Gold dealers, moneylenders, traders, and a whole lot of adventurers followed.

For more info about getting started with Prospectors check out our walkthrough video.

Over the last 7-days, Prospectors accumulated 2,800 users.

HyperDragons Go

Platform: ONT | ETH
Genre: Idle RPG

This is an idle RPG where you can train and trade a warrior dragon, and upgrade your dragon by battling with others. While the game allows users to collect, breed, and trade digital dragons by generating smart contracts on the blockchain. The game emphasizes fun and sustainable gameplay and opens up a fantastic battlefield.

Over the last 7-days, HyperDragons Go accumulated 2,400 users.


Platform: ONT | ETH | TRON
Genre: Real-Time Multiplayer

HyperSnakes is one of the first real-time multiplayer competitive games on the blockchain. The game features core snake gameplay and introduces many features such as Snake King mode, battle royal matches, random weapons, and power-up spawning. 

The primary goal of HyperSnakes is to offer straightforward gameplay, utilize blockchain technology, and ultimately drive mass adoption of blockchain games.

Over the last 7-days, HyperSnakes accumulated 2,000 users.


Platform: ETH
Genre: Sandbox/Virtual World

0xUniverse is the next generation blockchain game where players can build spaceships, explore the galaxy, and colonize planets. Players extract resources and carry out research allowing them to conquer the remotest corners of the galaxy. In addition, players can jointly contribute to the story and unravel the mystery of the universe.

Along the way, players will find artifacts that belonged to ancient civilizations. Sharing this alien knowledge amongst themselves will allow players to jointly uncover an exciting storyline that spells the origins of life itself.

Over the last 7-days, 0xUniverse accumulated 1,900 users.

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