10 Blockchain Games to Play and Earn in April 2022

10 Blockchain Games to Play and Earn in April 2022

Mobox, Aavegotchi, Axie Infinity and 7 others

What are the blockchain games allowing people to play and earn from their time investments, and which ones have important updates happening this April? Every month we list 10 play and earn games and in our list for April 2022 you will find titles like Axie Infinity, Mobox, Aavegotchi and more! 

What are play-to-earn games for? Are they a system built for people to make financial gains by taking advantage of others? Or are they the centerpiece of a tight-knit community that wants to build something meaningful together? At DappRadar, we think play-to-earn games should be a great experience first-and-foremost. And being able to win rewards is the added bonus that makes them so great.

Take a look below at what’s made us sit up and take notice for April 2022.

Mobox: NFT Farmer

Mobox: NFT Farmer is one of the fastest growing gaming platforms on BSC. On April 5th, the platform launched the much anticipated MOMOverse, which boosted activity for the game tremendously. Considering the early stages of this new release, Mobox: NFT Farmer will continue ramping up activity and bringing in new users in April.

Axie Infinity

Play-to-earn giant Axie Infinity launched its new Origin release on April 7th, which brings a completely revamped Arena battle mode. With the new release, Axie Infinity players will get new stats boosting their chances to get more play-to-earn rewards. Axie Infinity Origin has had a positive effect on activity for the game, which will continue to shine throughout April.


VulcanVerse, the flagship blockchain games metaverse world and MMORPG of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, is launching Land Staking on April 15th. Participants will have the ability to claim a share of the maximum of 1 million PYR that the team locks up. That’s $3 million per month in rewards. If owning land in a fantasy universe isn’t enough, gamers can now claim a share of a large prize pool. 

Sunflower Land

The recently resurrected Polygon game Sunflower Land opened up its beta version to Discord members in the beginning of April. The game had quite the following in its original version, and hype is now building up for the much more secure and upgraded Sunflower Lands game. The open beta version introduces the comeback of a wide array of NFT items and resources that were part of the original Sunflower Farmers release. 


With the official launch of the Aavegotchi Gotchiverse on March 31st, the platform introduced a completely new way for players to gather resources and earn rewards. Importantly, in order to promote four new in-game assets (you can find out more about them here). Aavegotchi introduces playdrops, which allow gamers to gather tokenized resources on the Polygon blockchain while exploring the Gotchiverse. 

Gods Unchained

Trading card game Gods Unchained has big plans this April. The card game on the Immutable X layer-2 solution will introduce the Mortal Judgment expansion set towards the end of the month. Importantly, this will be the last major card expansion for the game during Season 1. The expansion features exciting new designs and combo decks with boosted powers. 


B-side Studios has been hard at work developing the Chainmonsters experience for several months now. After the successful completion of an alpha test phase, the game is now ready to welcome the second phase of beta testers. The official launch of Beta Phase 2 will happen on April 26th. You can watch the reveal below!


Polygon-based mecha horse racing game Pegaxy has built a solid community and is now working towards reaching new audiences. This April, Pegaxy plans to release its first mobile version, bringing the game to thousands of new players all over the world. What’s more, the platform has now successfully reinstated its breeding events allowing players to create more powerful NFTs.


This month will be very important for Metalands as the game plans to release its first playable demo on April 15th. The demo will feature a single player PvE mode.What’s more the team will organize numerous events, bringing players the opportunity to win prizes, including some of the game’s rewards token supply in CIFI. Check out a teaser for Metalands below.

TCG World

TCG World is a multi-chain virtual world that launched its alpha version at the end of March. The platform offers immaculate 3D graphics and a captivating 4K NFT-based open world adventure. With the release of the official alpha version, TCG Worlds is coming closer to reaching a global audience with its official release. Check out the cool cinematic trailer of the TCG World environment. 

If you’re interested in discovering more about blockchain games, use our tracking tools to find the next up-and-coming titles. You might just get in at the ground floor of the next big sensation.

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