ZenGo Wallet Frees Users from the Anxiety of Losing Private Keys

ZenGo Wallet Frees Users from the Anxiety of Losing Private Keys

ZenGo is a Web3 wallet that leverages MPC cryptography

ZenGo Wallet hopes to free users from the hassle of losing or forgetting their private keys. Web3 crypto wallet ZenGo employs 3-factor security measures to ensure the most effective protection of users’ crypto assets.


  • ZenGo is an all-in-one crypto wallet that allows users to enjoy safely trading and storing their crypto assets. 
  • It supports BTC, ETH, Dogecoin, Tezos, and more than 70 other crypto assets.
  • Moreover, users can use ZenGo to access various DeFi, NFT, and gaming dapps, including OpenSea, Sandbox, UniSwap, Lido, and more. 
  • ZenGo adopts MPC technology that enables users to recover their wallets effortlessly.
  • ZenGo also helps protect users from malicious practices in the crypto space.
  • Over 700,000 global users have chosen ZenGo to keep their crypto assets securely.

Cryptocurrencies aim to put the ownership of financial assets back in the hands of users but also place the responsibility of safely storing the wallet’s private key on the shoulder of users. However, this has caused users headaches.

Lost and stolen seed phrases, misplaced private keys, and other private key mismanagement resulted in an estimated $100 billion of crypto has been lost forever. 

But, thanks to ZenGo, such stress can come to an end.  

What is ZenGo?

ZenGo is a simple-to-use and secure crypto wallet mobile app available for download from App Store and Google Play. Utilizing MPC cryptography, the ZenGo Web3 wallet saves users from the vulnerability of losing access to their private keys. 

ZenGo Apps

ZenGo lets users buy, trade, sell, and store crypto assets securely and easily. Zengo supports 70+ other crypto assets. The following video will guide users through how to get ZenGo connected to WalletConnet to start experiencing various DeFi, NFT, and gaming dapps.

It is worth mentioning that if users encounter problems while using the app, ZenGo’s 24/7 in-app customer service is always available to assist.

Why does ZenGo stand out as a Web3 wallet?

Crypto wallets come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but ZenGo differentiates itself from the competition by implementing various unique features.

ZenGo adopts multiple security measures to ensure the most effective protection for users’ crypto assets. These include industry-leading biometric encryption, three-factor authentication (3FA), and Multi-Party Computation (MPC) cryptography. 

Institutional custodians have been securely storing billions of dollars of crypto for years with MPC cryptography. ZenGo is among the earliest Web3 wallet that uses MPC, except it’s for everyday crypto investors instead of large institutions.

MPC, also known as multi-party computation, involves splitting the traditional private key into several independent “shares,” arguably much more secure than a single point of vulnerability: a private key.

ZenGo Security features

How does ZenGo benefit users?

So how does ZenGo’s security system benefit users specifically?

With MPC, users can still completely control their cryptos without relying on private keys. Therefore, as long as users’ ZenGo wallet is backed up, they can recover their crypto effortlessly through a 3-step verification process.

In addition, ZenGo minimizes users’ chance of becoming victims of malpractice through ClearSign, which is like a Web3 firewall. After integrating with ClearSign, ZenGo can prevent users from losing cryptos and NFTs by signing or approving risky smart contract transactions. 

What’s so powerful about ClearSign is that it offers unprecedented insight into what users are signing before granting 3rd-party access to their crypto wallet. As a result, it protects crypto assets from malicious phishing scams, untrustworthy dapps, and more.

Users can learn more about ZenGo’s industry-leading security standard via this link.

Users love ZenGo for its outstanding experience

Rated as the leading crypto wallet with the highest satisfaction rate by G2, ZenGo brings users an enhanced crypto trading experience while ensuring the safety of their assets. 

Currently, ZenGo has earned the trust of over 700,000 global users, and the number is still growing. What’s more, over 5,000 Android users rated ZenGo 4.7 stars on Google Play, another testament to the product’s popularity.

Want to trade and keep crypto assets safely and explore NFTs, DeFi, and gaming dapps? You can now download your own ZenGo wallet from App Store and Google Play

  1. Zero fees for new users’ first purchase, up to $200 (except Network fees); users that will purchase more than that will pay fees on the remaining amount above
  2. The fee for purchasing stablecoins purchase via bank transfers will be only 0.1%

Bank wire transfers for buying are now extended to include: USA, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Turkey, South Africa, and Brazil.

Find more about ZenGo:

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