Zendodo Party Launches Squid Game-inspired NFT-Fi Game

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This Halloween… Let the Zendodo Games begin!

The Wax blockchain has become the breeding ground for a thriving play-to-earn ecosystem, and Zendodo Party, a NFT-Fi game, is getting ready to let Heroes and their Zendodos explore Dodoland. Zendodo Games is the next big event where participants take on the roles of either perpetrators facilitating the cruel games, or players risking it all for a chance of glory.

Premiering on 30th October, 4 pm UTC, Zendodo Party will be releasing their new Zendodo Games unique NFT collection that takes inspiration from the Squid Game phenomenon. Keep your eyes peeled and your fingers ready as they know you’ve been waiting for the green light.

For the Zendodo Games the team is putting together 1,620 mints of Paiges and the same number of Toddies on the market. Players will need to acquire 3 of the same Zendodo to level them up and evolve them to even stronger Zendodos, while also raising the amount of rewards that they can earn.

Heroes who already have 100 Party Power or more from their collection are able to join a whitelisted sale and walk away with early mints of these Event NFTs, all while enjoying a 10% discount! Newer players are not left out of the fun and can also get their hands on these unique Zendodos through an open drop sale! The sale will take place on October 30th, 4 pm UTC, on Atomic Hub. 

Heroes who have collected 4 or more of these Event Zendodos will also receive a ZendiCard. This special NFT will be displayed on the Heroes’ profile and they can stake it to receive a boost to their staking rewards.

The ZenDdakji Initiative

The team over at Zendodo Party are also hosting a Discord Invite event where Heroes will be rewarded for inviting their friends and amassing as many new followers into the game!

From now till the commencement of the Zendodo Games on 30th October, 4pm UTC, 5 ZENDIs (~12 USD) will be added to the ZenDdakji Prize Pool for each newly invited player. Top 20 inviters will also receive the Ddakji Accolade to boost their staking rewards. Find out more about the event here.

Psst.. there will only be 3 Gold Ddakjis in circulation… (They are rare)

What are Zendodos?

Zendodos are cute creatures residing in Dodoland! When 3 Zendodos come together they merge and evolve into something cuter and stronger. It’s up to the owner to decide when is the best time for them to evolve. 

Blockchain technology is often complicated, but thanks to social media logins and the ability to freely transact the WAX blockchain makes things easy. It is no wonder that Zendodo Party has chosen this carbon neutral platform for their adventures. Every season, players have a chance to obtain new Zendodos through sales events, raffles or whitelisting. Of course you can also buy them on Atomic Hub, the secondary market for NFTs on the WAX blockchain. Owning powerful and unique Zendodos come with benefits such as entries into their Weekly Rewards and increased staking power

Base Zendodos

Every season, which lasts two months, the ZenMother creates 6 brand new Zendodos in her factory high up in the clouds. Evolved Zendodos have more staking power, and can therefore earn more rewards. For example, a Zendodo of the lowest evolution has 1 power, while evolution II Zendodos have 4 power. A Zendodo of evolution VI will have 600 power! . 

Limited Edition Zendodos

Throughout the season, Zendodo Party also releases Limited Edition Zendodos. To get these rare Zendodos, NFT holders need to combine their Base Zendodos with a Morphing Potion. These Limited Edition Zendodos have a maximum mint and provide a boost in staking power, making them extremely valuable.

Event Zendodos

The last type of Zendodos are of “Event” rarity, featuring Base Zendodos donning a special outfit to celebrate an event or occasion. These Zendodos are also limited in quantity, contributing to their exclusivity.

Now we know that Zendodos are cute NFTs on the Wax blockchain, let us dive deeper into the passive income that these lovable Zendodos can provide you with. 

Rally and Mining Pool

The Zendodo ecosystem allows NFT owners to stake their Zendodos and earn passive rewards. In the Rally Pool, Heroes can stake their Zendodos to eventually unlock more Zendodos. This is  a nice way to create a nice party of cute NFTs and increase your party power. 

The other option would be to  stake your Zendodo NFTs in the Mining Pool. Here, Heroes will earn ZENDI Coins. They can then spend these tokens in the Tiki Hut shop to acquire tools that provide multipliers and boost their Zendodo’s staking power. In addition, players can also get hold oft Zephites, a new breed of even more powerful of Zendodos

What’s more? Owning Zendodos will entitle Heroes into the Weekly Rewards draw where they can walk away with even more goodies such as WAX and Zendodos! Heroes can increase their Weekly Rewards draw entries by having a higher combined Party Power & more unique Zendodos in their collection. Check out the Zendodo Archive to see all 46 Zendodos available in Dodoland! To date, the team has already distributed over 68,000 USD worth of prizes!

May the odds be ever in your favour

With that, the team over at Zendodo Party are definitely thrilled to see Heroes taking part in the Zendodo Games. They wish everyone the best of luck. Team Zendodo has been constantly pushing out new features with their dApp and staying in line with what they’ve promised. Operating transparently, they are dedicated towards upholding the highest of standards towards their NFTs and their supply management. Of course, this would not have been possible without the belief and support that all Heroes have graciously shown them thus far.

Join them today and explore the wide and vast amounts of opportunities Dodoland has to offer!

For Heroes that have read till the end, there’s a special treat for you.
Enter in the giveaway (worth 1,000 USD) that Zendodo Party is holding by clicking

Make sure you check out Zendodo Party by peeking at the Zendodo Collection Guide. You should also follow Zendodo on a wide variety of social platforms, so you’re always in-the-know about exciting drops and giveaways! 

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